9 November 2021

Benefits of Metro Ethernet in Telecommunication Network

Benefits of Metro Ethernet in Telecommunication Network

Connectivity is essential in the digital era for your business. To run the business well, the company builds and utilizes some technologies to help them connect with the data and system. Ethernet can be the solution to connect with each other in your business system.

Ethernet is the technology that connects to the Local Area Network (LAN). It can enable devices to communicate and share data with each other through the protocol, especially in small areas such as offices, houses, and buildings.

The origin of the ethernet idea is connecting several computers together in a network. It can use ethernet cables to connect with a central hub or router and make a network with several computers together. The connection through an ethernet system, not only connecting the data from several computers, but it can be connected to the internet through the network’s router as a bridge to connect to the modem.

There are two kinds of ethernet: Metro Ethernet, and Carrier Ethernet. Both of them have similar functions but have a different scope of usage. Carrier Ethernet may include Metro Ethernet, but the other does not include the former.

Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet is an Ethernet network in metropolitan area networks (MANs). It can connect business LANs and individual end-users to a wide area network (WAN) or to the Internet. Metro Ethernet is also used by businesses to connect multiple locations to a network through an Ethernet Private Line. 

The education institutions, government, and corporate in large cities, that utilize the Metro Ethernet to connect the branch campus, school, or office to an intranet. It can help to interconnect the offices, connecting the subscribers or business to the Internet, connecting to the public (internet) or private (intranet) cloud data centers. These are the reasons why the Metro Ethernet is popular.

Some benefits of Metro Ethernet for the business are:

1. Managing risk through partitioning of operational, functional, and administrative, even though multiple network functions converge on a single chassis, and run independently.

2. Flexibility for a wide variety of services and transports

3. It can detecting the reports connection failures and measure performance

4. Easy to use and maintain the system, because it is lighter than a WAN network and help you save the budget

5. Support Quality of Service (QoS) such as classification, marking, policing, queuing.

Carrier Ethernet

The second type of business ethernet is Carrier Ethernet. Carrier Ethernet leverages high-bandwidth Ethernet. It enables internet access to communication between LANs and can facilitate long-distance data sharing among your business or organization. Businesses can utilize the Carrier Ethernet to deal with the slow data transmission caused by too many computers or servers trying to connect to the host in traditional Ethernet.

Carrier Ethernet can be more affordable than traditional Ethernet, especially if the business needs high volumes of bandwidth. It is also easy to scale-up without complicated re-installations.

The Advantages of The Ethernet

1. Speed

Through the cable to connect several computers and data, the speed of ethernet is greater than a wireless connection. The speed of connectivity is one of the important things to run your business effectively. The Telkom Metro that can provide Ethernet services can scalable the bandwidth option up to 10 Gbps.

2. Security

Ethernet connection enables you to have control over who is using the network. It can prevent the hacker from stealing your data and security breaches.

3. Reliability

Without the interruptions from the radio frequencies, it can make the ethernet have supreme reliability. On another side, this network makes it possible to detect and recover network trouble without affecting customers easily.

The more your business grows, the more you gather the data and connect with each other. You can consider utilizing the Ethernet system to help you manage, control, and secure your business data system.

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