30 December 2021

CPaaS in a Nutshell

CPaaS in a Nutshell

Customers have always wanted efficient and reliable services, but with the development of new technology, their expectations have been raised significantly. Customers now want not only friendly and responsive ways to connect with companies, but a personalized channel and messages for them. With the changes in customer behaviour, businesses need to stay ahead and up-to-date with customer expectations. This is where Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) kicks in.

CPaaS is a solution that focuses on enriching communication channels and acts as a platform for companies to combine communication services with their applications by using API. It allows developers to program a range of real-time solutions, including voice, video, and message to provide customers with the best experience possible. An IDC study forecasts that the CPaaS market will grow from USD 3.3B in 2018 to USD 17.2B in 2023. With massive demand, it is important to understand the basic features and benefits of this emerging technology for your business.

Allows developers to integrate different communications needs by using APIs

CPaaS can seamlessly combine different kinds of communications channels that are focused on API. These APIs will allow developers to quickly and easily integrate calling, texting, and other telecommunication functions directly into applications or software services. CPaaS is cloud-based and software-driven, therefore your developers can easily explore new and exciting communications features without having to develop expensive and complicated physical network infrastructure. It consists of developer support, sample code, snippets, documentation, and forum that allow developers to integrate features like instant messaging, web conferencing, text messaging, voice calling, and many more in a single interface.

A cost-efficient alternative solution, no need to build or maintain your own infrastructure

Many companies find CPaaS as a cost-efficient alternative solution, yet providing reliable customers experience due to the fact that it is not necessary to own any of your own hardware to implement this solution, and can therefore deliver easy and affordable access to great communication functions that the business needs to engage with their customers. Not only from the physical infrastructure, you can drive cost-saving from CPaaS implementation by reducing the time and resources to build the system. This technology can save your developers valuable time in building and maintaining the platform, so you can assign them to other essential parts of the company.

Provides a great experience, allow your customers to connect into the services they use the most

Investing in CPaaS, companies can help you build better customer communications experience and evaluate your strategy on a regular basis. This technology can help connect customers to the right person by setting up automated workflows, which will lead to shorter waiting time and reduced missed calls. This technology also allows your customers to streamline customer interactions through omni-channel communication, allowing them to connect or to be contacted when they want through their preferred channels. Not only that, you can also use CPaaS to make more informed decisions by analyzing real-time historical reports around customer interactions then acting on this data to improve on the process, reduce costs, save time, and build better customer experience.

Just like technology, customers are also evolving, and it is very important for your business to stay connected with your market. Understanding CPaaS, as one of the most promising technologies that can seamlessly integrate your communication channel, is very crucial to meet the ever-changing customer’s expectations. This solution can help companies in many positive ways, including driving significant savings in costs, time, and energy, therefore allowing you to focus on the key area of your business.

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