26 January 2021

CPaaS Marks a New Dawn in Business Communications

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The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically disrupted the way businesses conduct their operations. In terms of business communications, the pandemic has forced lots of brands to intensify their digital marketing operations to engage homebound customers, as well as amping up on more proactive customer service. At the same time, the pandemic has also accelerated the remote working trend, requiring businesses to set up efficient virtual work platforms. 

Along with these new problems, thankfully, new solutions also arise. As we have seen, over the top (OTT) telecommunications platforms offering users free-of-charge, seamlessly integrated text, voice, and videos (e.g. WhatsApp and LINE), have helped people connect with each other amid the restriction of direct physical contacts amid the pandemic. While they have marked the decline of revenues from conventional telecommunications channels like SMS and voice for telecommunications carriers, they have also paved new revenue sources for these carriers, through the highly promising communication platforms as a service (CPaaS) system. Such system can help businesses conduct their customer relationship management and virtual teams in a more efficient way, at a time of unprecedented business disruptions.

What is CPaaS and what is its use?

CPaaS is a cloud-based system that provides the backend infrastructure to a telecommunications system.  It provides voice, SMS, and phone numbers to businesses which they can integrate into their applications and websites. It makes for a more efficient communications process compared to conventional phone calls, which often cost customers a lot of phone credits and requires them to queue in a long line before an operator eventually picks up their calls. At the same time, platforms like Slack and Trello have greatly helped various workplaces navigate the work-from-home situation. Traditionally, telecommunications companies offer CPaaS to businesses and software houses that want to develop their own front-end applications. With the most recent advances, CPaaS providers have increasingly enhanced their applications, offering clients the CPaaS wholesale.  

The highly promising CPaaS industry

Businesses have increasingly adopted CPaaS to manage their customer relationship management and working arrangements, and most industries already look at CPaaS as an essential need rather than an option. Healthcare, hospitality, F&B, and travel industry started to implement CPaaS to enhance their customer experience. No wonder, with the current state of development, market intelligence service ICD forecasted that by 2022, as an industry sector, CPaaS would be worth almost US$11 billion by 2022, a quick pivot from its 2017 size of US$2 billion. Along with all the dramatic changes which happen all around us lately, the CPaaS has marked a new dawn in business communications. 

A great solution to disrupted business operations

Greet the new year of 2021 by joining this new dawn of business operations with CPaaS, and ergo, it is really important to have partnership with the right CPaaS provider to support your business. You can start by adopting a cloud-based platform like neuAPIX, which allows you to add real-time omnichannel communications features (voice, video, and messaging) into your own applications without needing to build backend infrastructure and interfaces. 

The neuAPIX serves a diverse range of businesses, from software developers, communications service providers, IT services providers, retail, startups, healthcare industries as well as fintech and banking industries. The benefits of using the platform include cost-savings, high scalability, quick marketing capacity, its transport-carrier agnostic nature as well as global support for development and production with guaranteed SLA. This is also the leading open-source platform to develop and deploy WebRTC applications.

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