10 March 2021

Difference Between IP Transit and Dedicated Internet Access

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The digital culture that we live in nowadays can not be separated from the internet. We can search for information, share the data on the cloud, build a digital business, and digital system through the internet. For most businesses and to grow the business, the internet system is highly required.

While we use the internet everyday, do we know how the internet technically functions? The internet is a connection of networks. It is a mechanism to connect all service providers, internet service providers (ISP) networks, and hosting providers. The mechanism allows the data to be transferred from sender to receiver. There are several ways to connect the networks such as Internet Provider (IP) Transit and Dedicated Internet Access (DIA).

What is IP Transit?

IP Transit is a way for interconnection of networks in offering access to the public reachable destination on the internet. The interconnections are ISPs or customer purchases and internet bandwidth connectivity services.

The network of IP Transit connection is indirectly connected. The traffic will be sent through several interconnections until reaching the end-user. This mechanism enables transit providers to allow multiple networks to exchange traffic with each other. Many IP Transit providers enable you to create your own business with flexible access to the resource of providers, the global internet, and content.

Apart from IP Transit, the network interconnection has the terms of IP Peering. If the IP Transit is the transportation system to share the data, IP Peering is a process of two interconnection networks or ISP. Two ISPs can exchange traffic to distribute the data.

Definition of Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

DIA is the special connection between a business and the internet. The connection is like a private lane to access many ISPs or networks. When the usual lane in high traffic, the congestion can happen in the broad or express lanes to access and share the data.

Another advantage of DIA is security. The private way to access the networks does not require you to share an internet connection. It has less risk from other networks.

The three types of networks above can be your consideration to build the traffic connection to the networks. It depends on your company’s needs, budget, and business models. They have the advantages of each and you can combine all the advantages to your company.

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