29 December 2021

Improve Communication with Your Customer through SIP Trunking

Improve Communication with Your Customer through SIP Trunking

Having and maintaining good communication is important to make your business established. It’s not only about internal organization communication, but external communication to your customers or clients. 

Commonly used tool for communication is telephone, but if you have many clients and customers, it’s not effective to maintain many telephone lines.

There is a tool that makes it more effective to communicate with your clients or customers, SIP Trunk. What is SIP Trunk? SIP trunk is operating phone systems over the internet. 

Instead of using a traditional telephone, you can utilize the internet and your device to make a phone call. It can let you easily add new phone lines or modify phone service and every scale of business can use it, based on their necessity, especially if their services or products have a close intention with their customers.

At first glance, the SIP Trunk seems identical with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocols). Yes, they come from one family with the differences. 

VoIP is older than SIP Trunk that allows you to make a phone call through the internet system, but SIP Trunks make you exchange the information to the customers not only voice audio. It can be a video or image even though SIP Trunk prioritizes the voice call.

SIP or session initiation protocols are a standard of phone systems that can establish calls, maintain the connection between phone systems and data transmitted when a call is active, and terminate the connection when the call is over. 

The features of this phone system contain instruction to begin a call, play-back sound, stream media or data between the system.

Why SIP Trunk for Your Business?

As a communication channel, SIP Trunk can leverage your business, especially if you provide a service. Not only for the private business, but for local government offices because they work to serve civilians.

When a business puts attention to the customers, SIP Trunk is a great choice to improve your customer service. The stability of your phone channel with the safety system can make them feel comfortable with your business.

Here some reasons why you should consider SIP Trunk for your business:

1. Efficient Cost

When the traditional phone package charges you based on how many telephones you have and different types of calls, SIP Trunk will charge you monthly. It can make it easier to make a budget and calculate the business expense. 

You can choose the package based on your business needs and instantly set up a SIP trunking system on your business system.

2. Mobility, Reliability, Simplicity

SIP Trunk allows you to connect with many different devices such as mobile devices, laptop, or personal computer to the system with a simple installation. 

As long as you have an internet connection and a proper device you can utilize SIP Trunk for your business. It’s very different from a traditional phone system that may have disruption in the bad weather.

 3. Call Quality

You can use tier-1 upstream providers to make your call quality always excellent, because they connect directly to the internet service to make a call.

After you know the advantages of SIP Trunk, these are the considerations before you choose the SIP Trunk providers:

- Ensure they provide Tier-1 networks. Telkom DWS always provides a Tier-1 network to give you the best quality of service.

- Identify the cost, the component, and the services that they provided. Does the package include the bandwidth or not, and how about the maintenance when you found a problem, etc.

- If it is possible, ask them to provide a free trial.

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