7 June 2021

Increase security, Protect your Internet Activity with VPN

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Increase security, Protect your Internet Activity with VPN

Searching information, working, and schooling without leaving your premises, can be done by the internet. While you are bored at home, you can go out to browse in a public area like in a coffee shop, cafe, or co-working space.

Almost all of the public areas have free Wi-Fi because the internet is a necessity, nowadays. Utilizing free Wi-Fi can help you a lot, but you should consider cyber security. 

Internet service in public places prone to be hacked by others. It can be the cafe owner, their staff, or cafe guests who have tools to get your data. 

They can track the internet service provider to track your browsing activity and steal your private information such as name, location, bank account.

Avoiding free Wi-Fi sometimes can’t be a solution. You need a virtual private network (VPN) to save your data while browsing in a public area.  

VPN is a service to encrypt your internet traffic and protect your online identity from internet service providers (ISP). Utilizing VPN makes your IP address hidden from the internet. It can make the hackers work harder to steal your data information.

How Does VPN Work to Secure Your Business?

When you use a VPN, your device connects to the VPN provider’s servers. All of your internet activity passes through the VPN’s internet connection and your private information is cloaked from the ISP. 

VPN redirects your internet traffic through a configured remote server. It makes VPN hides your IP address and encrypts all the data.

Utilizing VPN is not only about saving your browsing activity and saving your data. On the other hand, VPN can help you browse the website that is blocked by ISP because of region or ISP settings. 

Sometimes the public area such as campus or school have a private setting to block access for some websites such as social media or games. 

Using VPN makes your IP address look like you are somewhere else and allows you to connect to servers that are blocked.  

Even Though VPN can secure your internet activity, not all VPN software can save your data. Using free VPN software is not effective because it often will not protect data and browsing activity on the internet. 

Sometimes, free software has malware that can damage your device and steal your data, minimal for target ads. Sometimes it can reduce internet speed when you are browsing. 

Remember the digital law from the “Social Dilemma” documentary, if you’re not paying for the product, then you are the product.

Instead of using free software, it can be better if you use a credible provider like Telkom DWS, especially if your business allows the staff to travel. They can access your business data and work from everywhere savely. 

The credible provider can provide your business with the true cyber safety while using VPN in the public area, especially in the era when we can work from everywhere. 

Before you choose the best VPN provider, please check and make sure that the VPN providers prevent leaks, not collect or log any information through the network, and have multi-factor authentication.

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