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Neucentrix CNDC

Better Storage Infrastructure Using Our Carrier-Neutral Data Center

Cost-effective one-stop solution Neutral Carrier Data Center (neuCentrIX) with better capabilities, scalability, dependable connectivity, and security for all of your business data.

Better Storage Infrastructure Using Our Carrier-Neutral Data Center

Connect Now With Telkom Owned neuCentrIX Data Center

Neutral Carrier Data Center (neuCentrIX) Server is located across 12 locations in Indonesia, where content, connectivity, and end-users meet.

Achieve Business Goal With Our Agile Server Colocation Data Center

We provide basic colocation services that serve business agility, continuity, and availability. Our network is located across 12 cities of Indonesia so you can quickly gain benefits by reaching the right content, connectivity, and end-users.

Achieve Business Goal With Our Agile Server Colocation Data Center
Basic Data Center Features

Basic Data Center Features

  • Basic colocation services with widespread coverage
  • Competitive price connectivity for your business
  • Internet exchange from various operators
  • Ability cross-connect to other network or eyeballs
  • Better peering quality

Basic Data Center Benefits

  • Get access to the largest and better internet eyeball in Indonesia at competitive prices
  • Connect to any service options from various operators with the presence of NCIX
  • Provide collocation space (IT Hall and NER) for standardized ISP equipment, content provider, etc., equivalent to TIER II / III
  • Easier and better quality of access from the Telkom Group Eyeball (Telkom, Telkomsel, etc.) 
  • Standardized features of SLG guarantee
  • Supporting large capacity and dedicated bandwidth
Basic Data Center Benefits

NeuCentrix Location

We are committed to exceed our client’s expectations. 

At neuCentrIX, we strongly focus on providing both the small and big businesses of Indonesia with economically efficient top-tier data center services. 

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