27 December 2021

A2P SMS for Your Business Development

A2P SMS for Your Business Development

Needless to say, A2P SMS has become a very profitable business. Due to its vast and effective uses, A2P SMS is now commonly promoted by institutions. Statista recorded that this year (2021), it is predicted that the A2P SMS global market would generate almost USD 46 billion of profit. Juniper research predicts that the number will grow to USD 63 billion by 2023. Given these figures, it’s unsurprising that A2P SMS is considered a very marketable and profitable product. To support these findings, let’s take a look at the case of PT Citraweb Multisolusi, an Indonesian company who successfully increased its revenue by working with Telkom DWS to market their A2P SMS.

How it started

The company had a humble beginning, as they started by creating Gudeg.Net, a portal for all things about Yogyakarta. As time went by, they transformed into a software development company, before expanding to domain & hosting as Citraweb. As the business developed, their company provided ISP services as Citranet. To complement this, they’ve also become a distributor for Mikrotik, ensuring the distribution of wireless hardwares. Looking at their profile, A2P SMS was simply not in their dictionary.


Anyone knows that smooth sailing has almost never been the case in developing a business. Among the challenges they faced, one obstacle stood out: the difficulty in informing consumers about their bills and their dues. Conventional means such as e-mails and courier services simply weren’t quick, efficient, precise, or cost-effective enough. In other words, they needed a better means of communication – one that quickly reaches their consumers without wasting too much time or cost. Consequently, they considered turning to SMS, with open rates exceeding 95%.

But this also meant that they had to choose a reliable provider, since the new communicative device system had to be maintained by professionals. As all business managers would do, they also considered an A2P SMS service management which facilitated easy communication with an affordable price. For the company, however, ease and effectiveness were two factors they considered the most, since they were looking for an efficient way of communicating to their consumers. It was at that moment that they noticed an opportunity in working with Telkom DWS.

Working with DWS

The company first heard of DWS from one of their partners, which had worked with Telkom DWS in incorporating another product. After communicating with Telkom DWS’ team, they quickly incorporated the technology of A2P SMS for their internal purposes. As a result, they could communicate with their customers much quicker, and with a higher level of efficiency. As A2P SMS helped the company to overcome the communication obstacle they initially had with their customers, they have remained a good partner with Telkom DWS ever since.

Realizing the potentials of A2P SMS, the company started offering SMS Masking services. Simply put, the service enables institutions to communicate to end-users with their institution names written as the senders. SMS masking service allows a sender to establish their identity and credibility, and this proves to be highly useful for their clients, most of whom are public institutions. For its uses, this A2P SMS Masking service eventually helped PT Citraweb Multisolusi gain more profit.

The story of PT Citraweb Multisolusi’s success is just one example of how your business can develop further by incorporating A2P SMS services. As a useful, effective, and resilient tool, the demand for A2P SMS keeps on rising, as the technology can be used by numerous institutions. Your institution can grab this opportunity for not only internal uses, but also developing more revenues. For this purpose, Telkom DWS is a reliable provider that can be your dependable partner for incorporating A2P SMS.

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