28 December 2021

ASDP Success Story: How Cloud Technology Can Support Your Company

ASDP Success Story: How Cloud Technology Can Support Your Company

Modern enterprises are dependent on cloud technology to support their operations with a quick, accessible, and secure system. Cloud technology serves as a magic tool for business due to its capability of streamlining workload, processing data at a lightning speed, facilitating communication, and supporting institutions in many other areas. Due to its usefulness, cloud technology can be used by any type of institution. Cloud computing can improve an institution’s cost efficiency as it saves 15% of cost in the IT department alone. This is why institutions in various sectors have benefited from cloud technology.

Presented by Telkom DWS, neuCentrIX has successfully provided cloud solutions to many institutions in Indonesia. And one of the best examples of how neuCentrIX’s cloud can effectively support businesses is the success of PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry. As a state-owned ferry operator institution, PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) supervises sea lane services in over 200 routes throughout Indonesia. As of 2021, the company conducts its operations in more than 30 ports in Indonesia, including Merak, Bakauheni, Ketapang, and Gilimanuk — four ports with the highest ferry passenger traffic. In addition, the institution oversees hundreds of ships in its fleets. The rising demand and high traffic from those busy ports made ASDP took a big step and decided to start implementing an online ticket booking system. However, without being supported by robust technological resources from a reliable third party, online ticket booking platforms like Ferizy are prone to issues and system failures, leading to poor user experience and complaints. That is why, neuCentrIX Cloud has been chosen to be the ASDP’s partner.

How PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry uses Cloud to Develop its Business

There are a lot of areas which can be improved with the use of cloud technology. Here are several areas of PT ASDP’s operations which have been supported by cloud technology.

• Better Online Ticketing System. First of all, the institution has improved its online ticketing system with the use of neuCentrIX cloud technology. Initially, PT ASDP received many complaints regarding the ticketing system due to booking failures and slow responses. ASDP then strengthened its app (Ferizy) with a premium network and 24x7 expert support, thanks to cloud incorporation. This upgraded the online ticketing system, allowing much faster and reliable booking. In fact, with cloud technology, customers can reschedule their tickets two hours before departure.

• Increased Revenue. PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry also utilized cloud technology to improve its revenue. With direct access to 60% of Indonesian internet users, DWS' cloud infrastructure supported the institution’s GTM (Go-to-Marketing) to end users, which led to an increasing number of tickets sold online. Cloud technology has also facilitated ease of payment, and now trip booking in apps is supported with different types of payment. In addition, with cloud technology, PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry  minimizes the risk of human errors, establishing a system which supports a more secure payment process. 

• Better Communication and Security. In addition to a more effective ticketing system and increase of revenue, communication system and security were improved by PT ASDP Indonesia ferry’s cloud utilization. Cloud services have fixed and enhanced communication systems within the institution. There used to be inefficient networks and flow of coordination, but by incorporating cloud technology, the institution overcame this issue. By incorporating cloud solutions, the institution has also reduced infrastructure cost and suppressed latency, aside from improving data management, as a better online ticketing system reduces the need for human contact, and cloud storage safely secures the institution’s data.

Cloud technology can assist an institution’s operations in so many different ways. The success story of PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry is just one example of how cloud technology can create opportunities and open up doors of possibilities for your institution. If your business wishes to experience such a premium cloud system, infrastructure, and support, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to provide support for the development of your enterprises.

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