5 January 2022

BigBox: Your Trusted Partner for Data Visualization

BigBox: Your Trusted Partner for Data Visualization

A lot of observers and players in the business world have referred to data as 'the new oil'. The preciousness of big data as a new economic commodity lies in its ability to boost the precision of any business strategic decisions by scaling up research activities, particularly in terms of collecting information. No wonder, businesses from across the globe do not want to miss out on big data investment and implementation.

Businesses in Indonesia are also more than eager to leverage big data and take their businesses to the next high. Fortunately, various studies have supported this idea. For instance, the IDC Future Enterprise survey launched in early 2021 revealed more than 43 percent of Indonesian companies already listed investment on data optimization as their top priority list this year.

It is important to make sure you invest in the right analytics with proven prowess of turning mammoth-sized data into actionable insights. 

One Indonesian company providing such trust-worthy big data solutions is BigBox. 

Introducing BigBox

BigBox provides big data platform and analytics implementation solution. The solution will translate into deep insights that inform the operational and business needs of its corporate clients. The deep insights will then support business decision making, gover0ce, strategy and, ultimately: growth.

BigBox offers end-to-end enterprise business and data solution with big data platforms. It also offers on-premise big data platform and analysis solution, which works universally for all types of enterprises. 

Furthermore, BigBox also has a marketplace which provides various APIs with various capabilities, helping developers and startups build new business opportunities focusing on time-to-market function. Specifically, BigBox also aids application developers to perform their day-to-day work by handling the complexity of daily operations, so developers no longer need to waste their time and energy in these nitty-gritty stuff, allowing them to focus on more substantial aspects of their works.

In theory, developers are not supposed to deal with the complexity of functions, let alone technical barriers to innovation. The only thing that developers should focus on in their work is simply to seek out the capability they want in the BigBox portal, integrating it with the application using a mechanism called HTTP REST, which has been highly popular already. 

Having been spared from the complexity of functions and technical barriers, developers can concentrate solely on dealing with the core functions of their applications. Generally, the BigBox helps developers construct prototypes for their applications, turning these prototypes into tangible concepts.

Why BigBox?

BigBox can serve as your trusty big data partner, owing to its experience in the field, which it has been honing since 2010. BigBox is supported by staff members covering essential functions like data scientists, consultants and project leaders, each an expert in their respective fields.

With the help of the BigBox experts, data comprehension simply becomes faster and easier. BigBox also has a knack of explaining insights derived from big data in the most down-to-earth manner possible, making it possible for anyone to conduct analysis based on big data. BigBox also has an advantage in terms of accessibility, as it is accessible online using even the simplest computer equipment. 

Simply put, BigBox makes business analysis more efficient, under a single platform which caters to your businesses’ entire big data and API needs. If you plan to adopt big data into your business, yet are still unsure about which vendor to collaborate with for that matter, now you know who to contact. Visit www.thebigbox.id to get to know more about BigBox.

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