26 August 2022

Cloud Gaming and Connectivity

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Cloud Gaming and Connectivity

Cloud gaming technology has been growing fast in recent years. More innovations like the AI, 5G, and CDN keep favoring cloud gaming.

But there are some challenges that platforms like Telco and ISPs face as they dwell on making cloud gaming technology better. Here, we’ll talk about cloud gaming as the future gaming software delivery, gaming specific challenge for Telco and ISP, and connectivity as a key for cloud gaming.

Cloud Gaming as Next Generation Gaming Software Delivery

In 2022, the vast online gaming industry will keep growing fast. It’s because of the increased numbers of players of many games and cloud gaming. This new technology keeps making the gaming sector flexible for users and service providers.

Cloud gaming allows service providers to run games using remote servers to the customers. Also, as games keep having better graphics and demands, cloud gaming allows users to enjoy their time on less powerful hardware. You can even play your favorite game on smart TVs, Tablets, iPads, and smartphones through the cloud.

According to a study by Omdia,  cloud gaming is expected to grow from 1% of global consumer spending in 2020 to 7.5% in 2024. The numbers show that cloud gaming and game subscriptions will attract many users even if they earn less income. 

Gaming Specifics Challenges for ISP and Telco

Telco and ISP can attract many new customers and more income after overcoming some challenges. Here are the issues that ISP and Telco should solve.

1. Picking between the Local Vs. end-to-end KPIs and Commitments

Telcos and ISPs also find it hard to pick between KPIs, locals, and commitments. The local house network is easier to manage because they create high traffic. Other providers prefer the end-to-end connection because it appears to be more valuable. Local networks, commitments, and end-to-end KPIs should provide quality services to solve this problem.

2. Know the Gaming Traffic

With the ever-growing technology, it's not easy to spot and seclude the gaming traffic from the rest without interfering with the game's flow. The game providers can remove internet, video, and voice traffic. 

3. Explain the Homogenous Traffic Treatment Rules

Games come with different features and technical rules to help them function. This aspect is a challenge for the smooth functioning of the Telco and ISP platforms. Few game providers have their unique infrastructure.

Most games depend on standard cloud services to deliver their services to customers. These different cloud platforms make it tough to manage the gaming traffic. So, the ISPs, and Telco should agree upon similar traffic rules to ease the monitoring. 

Example of Connectivity and Technology Used in Cloud Gaming

Today, most game service providers dwell on the 5G network, CDN, Edge, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). To make cloud gaming a success. 5G will kill the lag and provide low latencies for the games. The CDNs will boost the connectivity for the cloud gaming services through better caching and fantastic analytic tools.

Edge infrastructure provides cloud gaming with high-quality and zero-lag experiences. AI provides low latency and smooth gaming time for the users and service providers. 

Connectivity as a Key for Cloud Gaming

For cloud gaming to succeed, there should be fast, affordable, and smooth internet connectivity. It remains to be the main setback for cloud gaming’s success. Games service providers dwell on a central cloud that makes games lag, especially for the users located far away from the datacenters.

Most web service providers plan to improve their data center regions, especially those with smaller processing platforms. This move favors businesses that work great with latencies, like cloud gaming, to do well. 

Connectivity is critical for the growth of the cloud gaming industry today. Connections like Edge, CDN, 5G, and the use of AI make the cloud servers do well. The ISP and Telco face problems making their gaming services provision difficult. With excellent network connection, expect cloud gaming to be a hub for most gamers.

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