30 December 2021

CPaaS can amp your game developer studio up

CPaaS can amp your game developer studio up

The communication platforms as a service (CPaaS) solution has been a mainstream new customer service technology adopted by just any businesses and institutions which place customer service at their core.

If you are a game developer, the last thing that game developers would like to think about when they think about gamers is customer service and engagement. You might think that gaming is mostly an individual activity -- just you and your computer and even if you play with so many other players, your interaction with the other players is being mediated virtually by your digital device. 

Yet, starting recently, game developers might need to start connecting the dots between gaming and customer service/engagement. First of all, with the advances made by content platforms such as YouTube, various gamers have by now been able to make a living out gaming as livestreamers. In terms of making a living, gamers have by now been able to earn money from their prowess through the ascent of e-sports, which will be included in the next ASEAN Games, for instance. 

With so many people in Southeast Asia and around the world having started to take gaming seriously as a means of making a living, it is important that they are always running on the most sophisticated and smooth consoles and platforms as possible. This is where customer service becomes important, to help the gamers deal with the technical glitches they experience with their gadgets, immediately as they go by. 

Furthermore, just like any other business, you also need to create a community of users and customers and this is also essential among gamers beyond their obviously virtual gaming sessions as well. Obviously, gaming is an immersive experience and sharing their gaming experiences among each other becomes key to the gamers’ immersion of the totality of their gaming experience. 

How the CPaaS can help?

Now, after laying down the foundational arguments why the game developers can gain numerous business advantages from intensifying its customer service and engagement above, let us talk about how the CPaaS can help you with these functions. 

First of all, the competitive advantage of the CPaaS technology lies in its multi-channel versatility, integrated under a single system. With the integration, you can just operate your customer service and engagement activities in all these channels more efficiently. You can easily see how the versatility of the CPaaS solution greatly fits your game development activities, as currently gaming activities have recently transcended conventional channels. Gamers have recently been using audio, smart watches, chat applications, internet of things, television, virtual reality/augmented reality and even theme parks as the loci of their activities, prompting game developers to also optimize these loci in their product development as well.

Through CPaaS, you can easily integrate the customer service and engagement channels with these loci seamlessly, with higher precision in terms of catering your messages to specific market segmentations. The CPaaS can also be used to strengthen your in-app calling feature, which helps users to connect with customer service and engagement channels in a real-time while they are playing.

With the blossoming of the global e-sports and gaming industry, seize the opportunity to take your game developing business to the next high right now, by integrating CPaaS solutions into your business right now.

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