28 September 2022

Creating a Borderless Education & Classroom Experience through CPaaS

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Creating a Borderless Education & Classroom Experience through CPaaS

Cloud-based communications models like CPaaS can help schools deliver a personalized education experience. This is because CPaaS comes with many possibilities, including fostering a solid interaction between a child and parent through real-time updates on classwork performance.

 Students can easily access examinations, notes, and results with the help of CPaaS. Also, they can schedule sessions with their instructors. Now, let’s take a look at how CPaaS can help learners connect with their teachers.

Ways to connect students and educators with CPaaS

Your school can bridge the gap among teachers, students, parents, and academic staff within an environment filled with information. Here’s how:

1. Online tutoring

CPaaS empowers learners and students worldwide to instantly establish a connection with subject matter experts and personal educators. It has low-latency broadcasting and screen sharing to help students learn despite distance and time.

Also, since CPaaS embed video calls into tutoring, learning becomes accessible to all students in different geographic locations. Whether learners are using a mobile network or Wi-Fi, they can connect with their tutors through seamless video calls without video quality degradations or drop-offs.

2. Distance learning

You can enroll overseas students, homebound students, and working adults and still extend on-demand or live learning to them. With screen sharing, active talker, whiteboarding, and recording capabilities, students get more interactive learning.

A student can use an active talker to stream videos by displaying the current presenters on the window. However, the lead talker is more visible and of good quality than other presenters because students access bandwidth-optimized videos. Also, in the same way, students use a regular whiteboard in classrooms. They can add things like text and images in real time.

3. Online proctoring

Another possibility with CPaaS is online proctoring. It allows your school to conduct exams online with factual tools to prevent students from cheating. Also, live video streaming helps proctors to watch students taking virtual exams remotely. And if there are any behavioral anomalies, a visual recognition software immediately alerts the proctor. 

4. Recorded broadcasting

The recorded broadcasting feature enables absent and slow learners to catch up with live online education. With these archiving and recording features, students can learn at their own time and pace by accessing recorded sessions.

5. Curriculum enhancement

CPaaS makes it possible to extend learning beyond classrooms. For instance, educators can leverage the eLearning platform to link students to places, people, and events through video calls, audio calls, and chat capabilities.

6. Parents engagement

Most importantly, parents will stay up-to-date with time-sensitive information, class schedules, and upcoming events. Thanks to the CPaaS broadcasting feature, schools can send messages via audio or text to a limitless number of parents at once. 

Schools can improve productivity and efficiency with excellent cloud communication like CPaaS. It can help schedule online meetings for parents and update them about upcoming events, among other capabilities. Would you like to modernize the learning experience in your school? Learn more about CPaaS on our website.

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