15 April 2021

Data visualization to trigger growth

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Human beings can better grasp information presented in the visual forms. Using shapes, patterns and colors, people can make sense of real complex and difficult situations real fast. Thus, if you know how to visualize your mammoth-sized data well, you will be able to unravel the complexity of your data really well, thus arming yourself with the insights they provide to help you strategize, especially when your business reaches stagnation.

Through data visualization, you can quickly grasp trends and patterns, including outliers and anomalies. The more you can analyze your data and turn them into comprehensible visuals through a dashboard or a data deck, the more you can harness insights from the large datasets you have. This is true across various fields: from government, fi0ce, marketing, history, consumer goods, service industries, education, sports: you name it.

Keeping this in mind, it is actually advisable for professionals from various fields to learn the basics of data visualization so they also equip themselves with the capacity to gain insights from these large data pools. Data visualization skills require the intersection of data analysis and storytelling. The storytelling part involves your capacity to weave the potentially “boring” statistical facts into a narrative of business trends. 

Common types of data visualization

You can simply relate to your own experiences quickly grasping data presented even in the simplest bar graph or pie chart forms. Yet, with the technological advances we have made, now we have already been able to utilize various more colorful, exciting data visualization forms, such as charts, tables, graphs, maps, infographics and dashboards.

More sophisticated data visualization forms include: area chart, bar chart, box-and-whisker plots, bubble cloud, bullet graph, cartogram, circle view, dot distribution map, Gantt chart, heat map, highlight table, histogram, matrix, network, polar area, radial tree, scatter plot (2D and 3D), steamgraph, text tables, timeline, treemap, wedge stack graph and word cloud (to analyze semantic trends).

For instance, by using the cartogram, you can sense consumer spending trends indicated by different colors in different areas. Later on you can utilize this data on whether you should optimize the marketing activities of your coffee or tea latte products on these different regions based on the different consumer preference trends there. You can also use such visuals to strategize in dealing with your business competitors by seeing how you can target the right segments in different areas.

Pick the right software

This is greatly helpful when your business has seemed to reach stagnation due to market saturation. Data visualization can give you insight into the subtleties and nuances of human behavior as pointed out above, on a larger scale and real-time basis.

The coolest thing of all: you can combine all these different forms under a single dashboard! The better visual insights you can churn out of your data pool, the better business growth you can achieve armed by such information.

To learn the trick of the data visualization trick, you can visit various blogs about big data. If you seek long-form resources, there are also great books you can get your hands on which talk about quantitative information, cartographies, etc. Then, in 2021, to trigger business growth by visualizing your large pool of data, adopt the right software. There are plenty of them—you may be familiar with some of these softwares. 

Telkom DWS also has a platform that can help you create data visualizations quickly and accurately: Big Box. Big Box is an implementation solution for big data analysis to produce insight that is in accordance with the operational and business needs of the company, so that it can support the decision making, gover0ce, strategy and progress of your company.

Big Box comes with a user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop dashboard which is easy to operate. The platform is cloud-based, so it doesn’t require a high-spec computer for running the software, and also efficient without any added charge and complicated terms to subscribe.

At first glance, things related to big data analytics do sound very technical and difficult. However, you can learn more by contacting our representatives by filling in the form on our website at mycarrier.telkom.co.id/big-data.

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