29 December 2021

Dedicated Internet Access, a Solution for Your Business

Dedicated Internet Access, a Solution for Your Business

Almost all businesses need internet access. It can be for research, promoting your business, doing virtual conferences or virtual meetings with your team. That’s why an office needs internet infrastructure for running your business well. 

Having an internet connection for your business is not only a matter of having internet access. You need to know the type of internet access that’s right for you and how it can affect your business. 

If you have a small team, the standard of internet access can not be your problem, but if your business grows and has a big team, you should consider the internet infrastructure that can be combined with your IT infrastructure to collect the data. You don’t want to wait for a long time just to read and reply to your important emails, right?

Dedicated Internet Access Explained

There are two kinds of internet access, dedicated internet access and shared internet access. If you sign up or sign in to surfing on the average internet service provider, you are sharing the connection with the others who use the same internet connection. 

When your neighbours and you download or upload big files, automatically your internet speed will decrease.

It can be different if you use dedicated internet access. Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is a fixed-bandwidth connection that runs directly to a single household. If you utilize DIA, you have your own bandwidth. It can avoid the downtime while you surf the internet.

Benefits of Dedicated Internet Access

When you know the difference between dedicated internet access and shared internet access, You can have a big picture of the importance of DIA for your business. Here, some benefits to utilize DIA for your business,

1. Effectiveness

DIA can avoid the internet slow or down especially in prime time. It can make your time more efficient and productive to do your job list such as reply to email, download and upload big files, virtual meetings. 

You can get the bandwidth you purchased, 100% of the time, not shared to others, and more stability from shared internet access. No matters how your neighbors are streaming, you can use your bandwidth fully.

2. Synchronize with Cloud System

DIA not only improves your internet speed for surfing, but it can combine collecting and downloading the data that you need. It can help you team to manage the data and use the data that they need based on their projects to run your business well. 

The process of researching your business and your market is not coming from getting the data from third parties that you can access by the internet, but you can analyze your data and combine it with external insight to make improvements for your business.

3. Security

Surfing on the internet will open our minds for everything, but you should consider data security. Having a secure internet connection can save your confidential data such as customers’ data, employees’ data, and legal business documents. 

Utilizing DIA makes your home network more secure because you can control only your team on your house and can access the bandwidth.

Considering to utilize DIA can be helpful especially if you want to improve your business through technology. As we know the importance of DIA for businesses, we have some services related to internet access that can adjust with your business needs. It can help improve your business through the internet system.

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