How BigBox Helps Diverse Clients and Industries

29 December 2021

How BigBox Helps Diverse Clients and Industries

Big data will gain more traction in 2021. According to a survey launched by the IDC Future Enterprise in early 2021, more than 43 percent of Indonesian companies listed investment on data optimization on top of their investment priority list for the year. If your company or business happens to also want to invest more on big data this year, then BigBox will be a great partner for you.

BigBox is a local provider bringing big data platform and analytics implementation solution, helping clients translate insight gained from big data into strategic decisions which inform the operational and business needs of its corporate clients. 

BigBox helps clients to make the most out of the data they possess, powering their business decision making, gover0ce, strategy and growth. It offers end-to-end enterprise business and data solution with big data platforms. BigBox’s on-premise data platform and analysis solution is suitable for all kinds of enterprises, accessible across different devices as well as capable of churning out data insights in easy-to-understand visualizations and formats.

Take a look at how prominent Indonesian clients have benefited from BigBox’s expertise here:


State-owned energy company Pertamina uses big data to perform direct and real-time monitoring on the performances of each of its fuel stations across Indonesia. BigBox helps Pertamina achieve this by building a real-time monitoring system. The system has information and visualization management system which has been mapped-out geographically. 

The system also includes other essential features like administration, billing, service-level agreement (SLA) and an array of office systems. BigBox uses its enterprise analytics feature for Pertamina.

Gadjah Mada University (UGM)

Well, who doesn’t know UGM or Gadjah Mada University, a highly prestigious state university in Yogyakarta? BigBox helps UGM to launch a full-stack social media analytics system. The system allows UGM to perform data acquisition, create a data center and analysis on its social media contents.

BigBox builds the end-to-end platform, comprising data center, data mart and a visualization application, to cater to UGM’s social media analytics needs.

Kimia Farma

The company helps Kimia Farma, Indonesia’s oldest pharmaceutical company, achieve digital transformation by increasing the compatibility of decision making and operational monitoring with market analysis and public sentiments as gathered through big data analysis. 

BigBox also helps Kimia Farma conduct market analysis to inform its strategies against competitors, while making its marketing campaigns more effective. Currently, with BigBox’s monitoring platform, Kimia Farma has been able to boost interaction and value with its customers. 

The National Police

Through its BigSocial Enterprise Analytics solution, BigBox has helped the National Police track public perception regarding security and order, especially during potentially volatile periods such as during the 2020 regional elections. The system helps the National Police be vigilant of early signs for social unrest or other negative issues during the elections period.

The diversity of BigBox’s prominent clients so far, as well as the areas in which BigBox has helped them harness big data, have served as evidence for BigBox’s capability in helping its clients apply big data for their various needs.  

Thus, you can trust BigBox for your big data venture. Visit to get to know more.

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