How Brands Boost Competitiveness Through SMS Marketing

18 January 2021

How Brands Boost Competitiveness Through SMS Marketing


You might have read these claims already: that SMS marketing is on the rise again despite the availability of instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and LINE. That can help brands leverage their presence since text messages have a 98 percent open rate. Another advantage of text marketing, they say, is that it stands conveniently somewhere between the more intrusive phone calls and the more distant e-mails, helping brands engage in an intimate way with their audience, especially for the homebound people who have become more attached to their phones to conduct their activities remotely amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With all these advantages combined, text marketing can help businesses boost their competitiveness.

Yet, you might still find yourself skeptical, thinking that maybe all this buzz is nothing but a fad, seeking examples on how text marketing can specifically contribute to brands’ business performance. If this is the case for you, then stay tuned with this article right through the end, as we might have some case studies which can finally convince you about the efficacy of text marketing.

How text marketing has translated into real growth for brands

The website has dedicated a full page presenting you success stories of brands that use text marketing. Two cases stand out: the Year Round Brown (YRB) multi-location tanning salon in South Dakota, the United States (US), and another US-based Toroe Eyewear brand.

YRB revealed it had generated 20 percent more revenue in 2020, despite the pandemic, compared to 2019. The brand also attributed the revenue increase to text marketing activities. Happy with the return on the brand’s investment in the text marketing software, the brand finally decided to continue using text marketing to power its engagement activities throughout 2021. 

YBR is not the only one. The US-based eyewear brand, Toroe Eyewear, meanwhile, said it had generated an extra US$7,028 in-store revenue a month, by keeping its customers constantly at tabs with their promotional activities using text marketing. Having read these examples, you cannot help but wonder…

… how has the brand achieved these things?

The answer is surprisingly simple: use the right text marketing app to help you conduct your campaigns professionally and scientifically. Both YRB and Toroe Eyewear use the Simple Texting software to help them sustain their text marketing activities by targeting the right audience with the right content at the right time, with personalized promotional SMS messages, making their marketing activities more efficient. The software can perform various feats. For example, YRB highly benefits from the software’s easy-to-navigate inbox, which helps her receive “tons of responses” containing questions on store opening hours and booking requests. This has also increased these brands’ competitiveness, by boosting the relevance of their services.

You can do it, too!

Armed with the knowledge that the right software, you can use text message to boost your business’ competitiveness, it is high time that you start using the SMS application-to-person (SMSA2P) software, which is available in Indonesia. SMS A2P has covered both domestic and international segments through its aggregators, with a diverse client base of retailers, e-commerce platforms, healthcare industry, governments, as well as basically any businesses which have customer relations management at their core. The SMS A2P, furthermore, goes beyond offering digital marketing services to also help customers receive notification and alert SMS messages from social media platforms and one-time passwords (OTP) from e-commerce and other emails/social media platform accounts.

Greet the New Year with a new business investment on SMS A2P right now to further leverage your competitiveness! If you are keen to learn or implement the SM2 A2P Indonesia for your marketing solution, do not hesitate to visit our website at or contact our representative.

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