28 December 2021

How CPaaS can optimize your virtual digital assistants

How CPaaS can optimize your virtual digital assistants

With the most current progresses made in artificial intelligence (AI) to bolster online customer service experience, such as in the realms of natural language processing, machine and deep learning, virtual digital assistants (VDAs) have been optimized to enhance customer engagement.  

These VDAs, by definition are AI-powered automated software applications or platforms which help end-users complete their tasks online, have gained popularity in both personal and business realms lately. The most well-known brands include Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google Assistant. 

These applications have helped make the lives of so many people easier; their users are enlisting the help of Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant for various purposes. 

From controlling smart home devices, pressing the play button on music players to finding directions to a particular place, they have truly become their owners’ trusty virtual digital personal assistants.

Furthermore, the new frontiers in the natural language processing element of these VDAs have also looked into how their speech/voice detection feature can further be refined to give their users more specific assistance. 

For instance, when someone says “how do I get to a client’s office on the Tribeca shop/house in West Jakarta fast from my office on Jl. TB Simatupang, South Jakarta”, the new incarnations of these VDAs can make assumptions about the transportation modes that the user would like to take based on her voice.

Yet, the VDAs can only go so far as to follow scripts which have been set in stone. Therefore, in no way should these VDAs replace humans, especially when we’re talking about professional customer engagement, according to analysts, as human agents are still needed to bolster customer experience. 

Many analysts argue that ideally, optimal customer engagement is also powered by strong social media presence in addition to capable human agents and strong VDAs.

The communications platform as a service (CPaaS) solution can help make these VDAs more optimal in their performance. How so? Let us follow the explanation here:

How the CPaaS can bolster your VDAs

At its core, the CPaaS can enhance the functions of your VDAs in increasing customer engagement thanks to the solution’s standardized set of APIs to integrate voice data into various other applications you use. 

As we have addressed in previous articles, the key advantage of the CPaaS system lies in its seamless integration of multiple channels, operated and managed under a single solution, making engagement business easier for brands.

How can the operational integration with already-existing channels benefit the operation of the VDAs?

Say your business is in the realm of wealth management. This can help, for instance, direct a customer who leaves a voice note on your VDA channel to consult an economist with a particular investment expertise, who can sufficiently guide the customer in question and get a better understanding about his investment.

This integration can boost the efficiency of your customer engagement activities all the while helping your customers save time by getting the directions they need in much shorter time. 

So, if your business places customer engagement at its core, what are you waiting for? Use CPaaS to bolster your VDAs now.

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