29 December 2021

Hyperscale Data Center for Improving Digital Ecosystem in Indonesia

Hyperscale Data Center for Improving Digital Ecosystem in Indonesia

Data and technology are important things for today’s digital era. With all the digital development, the digital ecosystem can be built for both industry and gig economy. 

Almost all of the industries need technology to make them more efficient. Now, the industry gathers and utilizes the data to help them make future strategies.

The growth of technology requires more proper infrastructure for the digital system and computer architecture’s ability to manage and scale in order to respond to the increasing demand. 

This infrastructure is sometimes called the Hyperscale Data Center. Some tech companies build Hyperscale Data Center to respond to the increasing demand of technology and digital requirements for their business. 

Telkom Indonesia’s Division of Wholesale Services is a tech company, bringing the same models to build digital infrastructure in Indonesia.

The carrier-neutral data center is located in a premium commercial location in Cikarang, Jawa Barat, not far away from the capital city, which serves as a business center. The 6.5-hectare area will serve as the location of a complete nationwide-linked data center from the edge, regional, and core. The area consists of an office building and three data center buildings. 

All of the systems and facilities are carefully designed to make a great ecosystem that can be scaled for big data, cloud computing, and distributed storage. As the name “hyperscale” implies, the ecosystem has the ability to scale greatly and quickly. 

We’ve considered the safety of your digital ecosystem too. Only authorized people with ID, supported by the security system and 24/7 CCTV can allow them to enter the area. The safety system allows for the detection of fire, smoke, water, humidity, and electrical usage. It can avoid error and data or system damage to save your business.

This Hyperscale Data Center is developed with the ECO approach to consider elements of human, nature, and the environment. ECO is not only about making a green ecosystem, it stands for evolved, connected, the origin for the whole concept and design.

1. Evolve

The Hyperscale Data Center should evolve from time to time to grow, adapt, and stay relevant to the business' needs. Innovation and exploration are two important things to make the Hyperscale Data Center always growing.

2. Connected

Technology and digital systems should make businesses more efficient and effective. Connectivity is the key to linking the data and improving the quality of customer experience.

3. Origin

Contributing to Indonesia, not only in digital infrastructure but also to include the element and characteristics of the nation.

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