27 December 2021

Improve Your Customers’ Experience with A2P SMS

Improve Your Customers’ Experience with A2P SMS

After five hours of browsing through an online clothing store, Jenny finally finds the exact dress she’s been looking for. It’s an expensive dress, but she’s been saving up for this. Without further ado, she makes a purchase. Her money has been transferred. Her phone dings. It’s a text message. It’s not from the store. It’s from her boss. She dismisses the message. Hours pass by, and there’s no confirmation from the store. Jenny gets super anxious. She calls the clothing store. They say that her purchase has been confirmed. If only there’s an easier way to get notified about her purchase…

The disastrous scenario above would frequently happen if we lived in a world without A2P messaging, particularly A2P SMS. Across the globe, A2P SMS has been helping businesses connect and communicate with their customers. Approximately, 2.5 trillion A2P SMS was sent in 2019. Juniper research forecasts that the number will increase to 3.5 trillion in 2023. A2P SMS is both resilient and flexible as it can not only be utilized by businesses in any sector, but also work in situations where there are no internet connections. For these reasons, many organizations opt for A2P messaging. 

And one of the reasons why A2P SMS remains popular is A2P SMS’ ability to support businesses in improving their customers’ experience. In general, A2P SMS can be an efficient way to send similar yet personalized messages to thousands or even millions of customers, each of whom has a unique name. Aside from this, A2P SMS can improve customer experience in a lot of different ways. Here are some of the things that A2P SMS can do to make sure that your customers get a smooth experience with your business.

• Deals Notification

Which customer doesn’t love sales? If your company is selling goods/services at a discount rate, your customers would be more than happy to know about that. To notify them about sales and other promotions, A2P SMS can be an efficient medium. What about emails? Sure you can send them emails, but the method isn’t as effective as A2P SMS. In fact, Campaignmonitor.com stated that SMS open rate was 90%, whereas only 1 out of 5 emails were opened. Furthermore, 75% of customers are happy to receive sales notification via SMS, according to Digital Marketing Magazine.

• Important Deadlines

Your businesses may serve customers who live a busy life. A2P SMS can help you remind your customers about important dates and deadlines. This role of A2P SMS can be very helpful for financial institutions, whose clients need to be reminded of important dates. If you’re lending money, A2P SMS can help you remind clients to submit their payment on a given time so that they can avoid penalty fees. This also improves your institution’s accountability as you have prepared a reminder system for your clients.

• Security Alerts

A part of developing customer experience is assuring the customers that it is safe to conduct transactions with your business. Before making online purchases, it’s common for customers to make an account on your website/app. On their accounts, customers will store important personal data, preferences, and sometimes cash balance. With that said, it’s important for your business to not only develop a good security system to protect their customer data, but also let their customers know that your business can safeguard the data. A2P SMS can be an effective way to notify your customers for security alerts.

Building a great customer experience is an essential part of running a business, and there’s no greater way of developing excellent customer experience than incorporating A2P SMS. Telkom DWS is a reliable A2P provider that can support the development of your business’ customer experience. Our A2P SMS services have benefited major e-commerce, healthcare, and government institutions; similarly, your business can get the same first-rate A2P SMS service, too. If you wish to experience the incredible benefits of A2P SMS from a dependable provider, do not hesitate to contact us at marketingdws@telkom.co.id.

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