27 October 2022

IoT-based Security to Safeguard Your Business Assets

IoT-based Security to Safeguard Your Business Assets

Asset tracking is a crucial component in running a business. As a business owner, one needs to be aware of where the assets are and be vigilant of possible thefts. Inefficient asset safekeeping can also lead to inefficient workflow. Before using automated asset management system, for example, the city of Dallas’ Department of Intergovernmental Services had to take two weeks to gather data on its $15 million assets (one can only imagine the hassle that the audit and GA department had to go through).

With the pandemic hitting businesses hard, the importance of asset security cannot be understated. Remote working makes it harder for managers to track items real-time, and this urges an organization to think of more efficient ways for inventory safekeeping. Disruptions in supply chains also influence the flow of goods, and this would make asset monitoring more difficult. In relation to this, there’s also a possible issue related to storage capacity for Covid-struck businesses where supply is being distributed at a slower rate.

The problems related to asset tracking only points out the necessity of one thing: Asset Management System. A good asset management system can help a lot of business owners survive during hard times like this. Asset management system saves a lot of cost and reduces error. In addition to this, it facilitates business owners who work from home, since virtually, all asset management services utilize (mobile) apps and the cloud. The system provides easy access to information on inventory locations.

If you’re concerned about how to track your assets real-time, Telkom DWS provides a secure Asset Monitoring Services using software-based platform equipped with data analytics. Our asset monitoring services will help you gain more control over the assets that you need to monitor remotely. From site access management, in-site asset monitoring, to outdoor asset monitoring, our services will allow business managers to strengthen the security of assets through a secure and reliable system.

Site Access Management

As WFH becomes a sustainable trend, it may be more difficult for business managers to find out who accesses their business sites. This is where site access management can put managers at ease. Connected to smart locks, our system can allow managers to access information on the time when someone enters or leaves a site, how long the person was inside, and who the person is. Our system also allows managers to modify entrance permissions and verify the ID of the person who accesses their sites.

In-site Asset Monitoring

In addition to site access, business owners should be concerned about their in-site assets. To help business owners control their in-site assets better, our in-site asset monitoring provides a system for long-range (LoRa) monitoring. Control box with LoRa can allow business managers to monitor in-site assets in efficient manner. For more detailed and secured monitoring, business managers can open or close cabinets remotely. Batteries for power backup can also be monitored through the use of our system.

Outdoor Asset Monitoring

Aside from threats to in-site assets, there are also risks related to outdoor assets. This is why outdoor asset monitoring should also be done through a reliable system. Our system can provide ease of access for outdoor asset monitoring, including the management of underground copper cables. Among other functions, our LoRa sensor can be used to efficiently and securely monitor whether cable covers are open or closed. Aerial cables and accelerometer sensors can also be monitored from afar.

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