15 April 2022

Is Cloud Safer and More Secure?

Is Cloud Safer and More Secure?

Many organizations are now moving to the cloud at a rapid pace, including the use of Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS), that will enable companies to run advanced communication technology without heavily investing in their own infrastructure. Based on a research by Statista, it is predicted that the public cloud services market will reach around USD 257.9 billion in 2020 and will exceed USD 364 billion by 2022. With most of the businesses running on some kind of a cloud network and database, it is now more important than ever to secure your cloud system. Based on a report by Oracle and KPMG, 75% of IT professionals see the public cloud as more secure than their traditional data centers and here are the reasons why.

Data protection and built-in security features by cloud providers 

One of the reasons why cloud systems are considered more secure than on-premise systems is because cloud providers have made and continue to make all the investment required to ensure their cloud system is secured and protected. Therefore, for businesses implementing cloud, when they buy cloud services from the providers, it already includes security features built-in, including role-based authentication for the applications. Although most of the cloud infrastructure has already implemented high level security in place, it is still very important for companies to reduce significant security threats by requiring users to verify credibility and add a layer of protection against threat from unauthorized access.

Comprehensive disaster recovery plan to ensure business continuity

Another reason why many IT professionals are considering cloud as a more secured option is because it can ensure business continuity plan by having a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place. If your businesses are implementing cloud storage, it is guaranteed that your data is backed up in the cloud and not stored at on-site ore facilities. This cloud backup system will be very important when there is a disaster. Cloud systems provide a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that will ensure business continuity during a time of crisis, as the data will be securely stored in remote locations, cloud technology will protect your business for the risk of data loss.

Strict regulations and multilayered approach to mitigate cyber attacks

Cloud technology can easily allow business from highly regulated industries such as healthcare and fi0ce to implement strict regulations by providing a multilayered approach, so that the companies from these industries can meet the compliance requirements and are ready to mitigate and prevent the risk of cyber threats. When developing their solutions, most of the cloud providers have already followed and are in compliance with the government regulation by implementing uniting policy enforcement, management systems, and end-to-end encryption.

Investing in cloud systems, including CPaaS Indonesia, can enable your company to access information anywhere, anytime, while maintaining control and reducing the risk. This will bring great benefits for business, but also make cloud security become more important. Many people have the misconception about a lack of security in cloud systems. But by developing cloud systems in the right way, cloud computing can be safer than on-premise devices. Implementing cloud technology, you will get the benefit and real competitive advantage for your businesses. It will increase productivity and flexibility while at the same time stay secured and protected.

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