13 July 2022

JARPATINDO's Experience with neuCentrIX

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JARPATINDO's Experience with neuCentrIX

The expansion of internet services is inevitable. With or without the pandemic, internet penetration keeps on rising to numerous corners of the world. Internet connection is a necessary factor which can support not only great metropolitan areas in developing countries, but also peripheral parts of developing countries. In these regions, there are cities, towns, and rural areas in which development can be accelerated with internet connection. This is why the presence of ISPs in these areas is valuable.

Nonetheless, areas with considerable distance from centralized urban landscapes may pose unique challenges for ISPs to cater the needs of internet users. As the need for connectivity keeps increasing, ISPs in these areas are required to sustain and improve their services despite occasional drawbacks that may come from insufficient quality of internet infrastructure. To understand this particular challenge, let’s hear from PT Jaringan Cepat Indonesia, an ISP that operates in this particular context.

About PT Jaringan Cepat indonesia

As mentioned above, PT Jaringan Cepat Indonesia is an ISP that provides internet services for Pontianak, Kubu Raya Regency, West Kalimantan Province, and other parts of Indonesia. In addition to offering internet services, they also provide online CCTV systems with wireless and fiber optic technology connected to POP Towers. Beginning in 2020 with 50 customers in one particular neighborhood, the company expanded itself in 2021, and by mid-2021 they provided services for 257 people.

The Challenges

While big metropolitan areas often have the best connection and infrastructure, other cities and rural areas may not share the same privilege. This obstacle challenged many ISPs, including PT Jaringan Cepat Indonesia. According to Mr. Erlan, the Director of PT Jaringan Cepat Indonesia, bandwidth and network infrastructure were the two greatest challenges that the ISPs had to face, especially in the early days of their business. Despite the limitations, they needed to cater to the high demands from their customers.

Working with Telkom DWS

Initially, they worked with another provider, however, that provider’s infrastructure was insufficient as it could not reach their business operation. This created a bottleneck in their business services. To solve their problem, PT Jaringan Cepat Indonesia realized that they needed to work with another party who’s reliable. After receiving information from WhatsApp, they started partnering with Telkom DWS. They found that Telkom DWS’ infrastructure could support their business, so, Telkom DWS has become their main partner ever since.

After working with Telkom DWS, PT Jaringan Cepat Indonesia solved their main problem: bandwidth. By getting significantly better bandwidth, it supported them to provide services according to their customers’ demands. As the bandwidth problem has been solved, they can direct their time, energy, and resources to the expansion of network infrastructure. With improvement in network quality and customer satisfaction, PT Jaringan Cepat Indonesia aims to reach 5000 customers by the end of 2022.

Expanding Business with the Support from Telkom DWS

PT Jaringan Cepat Indonesia overcame their problems with the support of NeuCentrix’s several products, namely IP Transit Mix, Colocation Server, and Metro Child. With IP Transit Mix, PT Jaringan Cepat Indonesia can cover local and international bandwidth. With colocation servers, they can ease their minds on hardware maintenance, as they find the hardware quality well-maintained. The company can also focus on expanding their network infrastructure with the support of Metro Child, which facilitates the connection between Metro-e technology and end users.

PT Jaringan Cepat Indonesia’s success is one among many stories in which Telkom DWS’ services can help your business overcome challenges and develop further. We are ready to become a partner that helps you break through your challenges, so don’t hesitate to contact us at marketingdws@telkom.co.id or our Whatsapp at 0821-4749-4005.

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