10 September 2021

Maintain CRM & Bring The Customers’ Satisfaction with OCA Interaction


Thanks to technology advancements, the interaction among companies and their customers can nowadays happen real-time, anytime, anywhere, using various kinds of channels. From website chatboxes and instant messaging to call centers and messenger, customers can now choose to use more channels than ever, based on their preferences, to reach out to these companies. The changing business communications landscape has prompted various businesses to use dashboards which can integrate their various communications activities under one platform. This has given rise to what is called communications platform as a solution or CPaaS.

In Indonesia, such solution called the Omni-Communication Assistant or the OCA, provided by the country’s top telco provider Telkomsel, can be your company’s trusty choice in handling your business communications activities. The OCA Interaction, in particular, helps you take your customer relations management to the next high. How so?

The advantages of OCA Interaction

The OCA Interaction function, as its name suggests, provides an all-in-one CRM system. In a single dashboard, you can now categorize all the messages you receive under a common theme, distribute chats automatically to agents who happen to be online. The dashboard can be used across your communications channels, equipped with a rapid response template, which can have a uniform setting for all agents. The dashboard is also versatile, capable of sending various kinds of media, with quicker problem-solving mechanism.

OCA Interaction is also equipped with chatbots to make communications smoother and more efficient. The system also switches into a different communication channel automatically if a customer fails to contact the brand with one channel, thus fixing communication breakdowns.

The security of OCA Interaction function

The OCA Interaction function ensures maximum security for all business communication activities conducted there, as it has a number masking function which applies across the solution. The number masking function can detect and minimize misuse of messages, protecting user identity and boosting communication channel credibility. At the same time, it also helps users to track down information on content history, covering SMS and voice, on a real-time basis.

Boost your business analytics

It also has a reporting channel which gives brands insights on patterns of interaction and incoming messages with precision, along with team performance reports and audiences who report the issues and troubles they are experiencing. The system also helps you to collect your audience contact numbers, helping you reach out to them more efficiently.

The benefits of OCA API

The OCA API function, meanwhile, allows you to complement your communication platform without having to change its interface. We can help you achieve that with SMS API, Voice API, WhatsApp Push Notification and Interaction API, Email API and ChatAja! The OCA API also allows you to have more flexible business models.

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