29 December 2021

Managing Big Data with Telkom Big Box

Managing Big Data with Telkom Big Box

In the previous era, oil and mining goods were valuable commodities. As a businessman, you can trade these things to get a profit. 

Now, business has changed. Data is declared one of the most valuable commodities now, that even surpassed oil & gas in market value. 

Data, especially ones that recap the human behavior, can help businesses to decide their future. From data, we know what the people need and what things can attract them. 

With technological development, it can make the acceleration to retrieve data. The more complex and comprehensive the data, the more things can be optimized.

Businesses Who Need the Data

Almost every business requires data, especially for the big companies with the massive market. Data can be the company’s commodities, business vendor, their loyal customers, and the next target market.

Here are some business areas that rely heavily on data:

1. Agriculture Services

2. Banking, Fi0cial, and Insurance Services

3. Energy & Resource Services

4. Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Services

5. Industrial, Manufacturing, Business Services

6. Logistics/Expedition Services

7. Media & Communications Services

8. Property & Construction Services

9. Tourism & Hospitality Services

10. Transportation Services

11. Government

The big data should be processed by the system well, in which the expected output is a document that’s strategic for your businesses. 

Some documents and data can be made accessible by some stakeholders and IT staff, in order to ensure a good processing of the data. 

A neat system can help the decision-maker to act their strategic roles conveniently and more effectively, based on the comprehensive information.

The Process of Big Box as Platform Big Data

Telkom Divisi Wholesale Service has a Big Box as a platform to process big data. There are 3 types of data resources that can process on Big Box:

1. Real-time Data Sources

The sources of these data are from everything that is connected with products, manufacturing, supply chain, and consumer. 

The data will be ingested and monitored in Big Box. They can be generated for real time action or will be processed by the system to analyze more deeply for another decision.

2. Public data

Public data is coming from websites and social media. It can generate your customer or target market. The data will be processed by the system to help you make a plan for marketing strategy.

3. Enterprise transaction data

Data transactions can help you to analyze your business’ cash flow and check-up whether your business is running well or not. 

In addition to processing your big data, Big Box can also help you to communicate safely and effectively with your co-workers and the customers through some features, such as SMS notification, SMS premium/OTP, Vertical OTP, and Voice UTP (Sending the OTP through voice call).

As a state-owned enterprise, Telkom Divisi Wholesale Service helps the government to process the Ministry of Public Health data related to Covid-19. It can help the stakeholders to make some regulations to reduce the spread of viruses.

Not only for the Ministry of Public Health, The Big Box has been helping some companies to manage their big data such as Kimia Farma, Pertamina, Jasa Marga, Bank BRI, Universitas Gadjah Mada, and Pegadaian. The tools that can be utilized for the system can be adjusted with the company’s needs.

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