15 April 2022

Maximize Business with Powerful Enabler

Maximize Business with Powerful Enabler

In today’s market, companies need more flexibility in their communication tools, as the one-size-fits-all solution will not work in a world where there are so many different ways for people to connect. With a significant growth in market value from USD 2 billion in 2017 to USD 11 billion in 2022, according to IDC, CPaaS is a powerful enabler in driving advancement in the customer experience, marketing campaigns and employee engagement. A study by Frost and Sullivan found that 67% of business leaders plan to increase their level of investment in CPaaS, showing that more companies are experimenting with this technology to unlock new tools and features without replacing their communication stack. Here is why CPaaS is important for your business.

Agile way to address rapid business changes

A big driver of CPaaS is the changing world of work and business operations. According to ALE, around 85% of companies say that they are connecting differently with processes, people, and things than they did five years ago. Through excellent scalability and flexibility, CPaaS gives companies the freedom to grow through however way they choose. With the introduction of programmable communications such as voice, text, and video, CPaaS can be easily developed using powerful API, making every aspect of the build-and-deploy process simpler and less expensive.

Track and analyze all marketing campaigns in a single platform

One of the most challenging issues for marketers today is how to communicate effectively across siloed channels. Providing cloud-based service that is designed to facilitate communications across a multitude of channels, CPaaS can create holistic, multi-channel campaigns from a single platform that can be tracked and analyzed, allowing visibility on the effectiveness of the campaigns and feed your business with information to determine where to optimize your strategies in the future for achieving greater impact and maximizing the return of investment.

Streamlining customer journey and drive meaningful relationships

CPaaS offers a door to various kinds of digital transformation, allowing businesses to access all of the combined communication tools that can streamline their customer journey and drive meaningful relationships with customers. Using API, CPaaS gives companies a competitive edge to optimize their customer engagement. A study from Apigee shows that around 85% of top-performing companies agree that using APIs is a strategic way to grow their companies. With APIs, businesses can integrate different communication features in a single platform with minimal time and effort. CPaaS technology can drive successful customer engagement by integrating APIs into the existing apps with specific features such as automating appointment and call scheduling tasks, integrating with CRM software programs and databases, as well as sending text messages for convenient reminders and communications.

Looking at the market today, business survival is highly dependent on agility and diversity. If you cannot deliver the kind of engagement that is required by your customers, when and where they want it, you’re most likely to lose your competitive edge and inevitably going to fall behind. CPaaS allows companies to deliver communication as consumable cloud services, providing the agility and scalability that can help business to stay competitive and relevant in today’s digital world.

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