16 June 2022

MileNetwork’s Success in Providing Internet Services

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MileNetwork’s Success in Providing Internet Services

We’ve heard many success stories from Telkom DWS partners. This time, the success story came from MileNetwork, one of Telkom DWS’ longtime partners.

MileNetwork, or PT Milenial Inti Telekomunikasi, is a Jakarta-based internet service provider that seeks to close the digital gap in Indonesia with high quality products and services. MileNetwork has built an outstanding client portfolio which includes private and state-owned companies as well as government institutions in Jabodetabek and Banten. Seeing the opportunities, they’re currently aiming to expand to more areas in the next few years, starting with some areas in Java.

How did the partnership between MileNetwork and Telkom DWS begin?

Guspito, the CEO of MileNetwork, stated, “I’ve been in the industry for 12 years, and even when I started out 12 years ago, the quality of Telkom Indonesia’s products were well known.” Guspito has seen how Telkom Indonesia keeps its commitment to providing high-quality infrastructure and services. This is why he believes that Telkom Indonesia can help us provide excellent services to our clients.

What made MileNetwork sure about the partnership?

Guspito mentioned two major benefits MileNetwork has gained from their partnership with Telkom DWS.

First, Telkom Indonesia offers wide network coverage. Every ISP in Indonesia is actively contributing to facilitating the country’s digital transformation and growing the national digital capabilities. Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues an ISP, including MileNetwork, has to face is expanding their reach to smaller towns and villages, hindering the overall digital growth of the nation. Telkom Indonesia has infrastructures all over the country, not only in densely populated areas, but also in remote, isolated areas, making it easier for MileNetwork to provide their products and services in as many areas as possible.

Second, Telkom Indonesia guarantees reliable connectivity. The excellent level of service Telkom Indonesia offers has made it possible for MileNetwork to provide the best services to their customers, allowing them to stay competitive in the industry. With the partnership with Telkom Indonesia, they’ve so far received positive feedback from the clients.

How has Telkom DWS supported MileNetwork?

Today, Telkom DWS supports MileNetwork through neuCentrIX (colocation, Xconnect, and NCIX), Metro Ethernet, and IP Transit.

neuCentrIX is Telkom Indonesia’s brand that provides data center and other digital services. neuCentrIX data centers are located in 14 major cities across the country and offered with the concept of colocation to meet different requirements of various types of clients, from service providers to end users. Besides carrier-neutral data center colocation service, neuCentrIX also offers internet exchange (NCIX), cloud computing, and CDN services for clients.

Meanwhile, Metro Ethernet and IP Transit are Telkom Indonesia’s premium connectivity solutions. Both solutions guarantee a fast and reliable internet connection to help ISPs like MileNetwork provide the best experience for their clients.

What does MileNetwork hope from the partnership in the future?

As it is a very successful collaboration, MileNetwork hopes to keep a long lasting partnership with Telkom DWS in facing the future of the industry. With massive digital transformation happening across the globe, the demand for internet services will continue to grow. With Telkom DWS, MileNetwork will be able to grab the industry opportunities that lie ahead.

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