9 May 2022

NETMONK: Your Network Monitoring Solution

NETMONK: Your Network Monitoring Solution

With businesses going digital and the remote work model gaining more popularity, network management has become one of modern companies’ top priorities. Network monitoring, a subset of network management, has also become a critical measure to implement in a business. Let’s take a closer look at what network monitoring is and how it benefits you.

What is network monitoring?

Network monitoring is a system to track the health of your network across its hardware and software layers. It provides you with the information you need to determine, in real time, if your network is running optimally.

A network monitoring system includes tools that can track various aspects of your network and its operation, such as traffic, bandwidth utilization, and uptime. It can identify devices and other elements that build or touch the network, as well as provide you with regular status updates.

But, why? The answer is simple: to solve problems before it’s too late. With network monitoring, you can detect connection or device failures or issues—traffic bottlenecks, crashed or overloaded servers, failed switches, failing routers, and many others—before they cause network failure. When there are issues detected, the network monitoring system immediately alerts your network administrator, allowing you to prevent outages before they even happen.

Why is network monitoring important?

For modern businesses, network failure is intolerable. It causes disruptions which lead to lost revenue, customers, and employee productivity. According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5.600 per minute. Further research also shows that downtime causes a 21% decline in employee productivity.

Moreover, network failure can also mean cybersecurity failure, and the consequences are severe. A study found that companies spend, on average, around $117.000 to recover from a cyberattack. That’s why network monitoring is critical. It helps businesses solve network problems before they happen and minimize downtime, allowing them to retain customers and improve employee productivity.

Your Network Monitoring Solution: NETMONK

Most companies today work with third-party providers for their network monitoring. Telkom Indonesia’s Netmonk is one of the country’s leading network monitoring solution providers. If you’re looking to maintain or improve your network performance, Netmonk is your go-to partner.

Netmonk helps you in five ways. 

  1. Netmonk provides you with clear visibility into your network, including all the connected devices and how data is moving among them.
  2. Netmonk allows you to use your IT resources more effectively; as their manual work is reduced, the IT staff can spend their time to focus on more business-critical projects.
  3. Netmonk helps you identify security threats faster by helping you figure out what is “normal” and what activities are “unusual” which may be a security threat.
  4. Netmonk provides you with trackable historical and baseline data so you can compare your current and past performances
  5. Netmonk gives you early insights into your future infrastructure needs so you can anticipate when you need to consider upgrading or implementing new IT infrastructure.

NETMONK’s Features

Netmonk guarantees features that will make your network monitoring more convenient. Here are Netmonk’s major features that will make your life easier.

• One dashboard for all on all devices (network, website, or API)

• Specific operational and management dashboards

• Proactive notification

• Report automation and faster report generation

• Historical data generation and utilization

• Monitoring protocols security support

• Proactive maintenance and network consultation services from our experienced team

• Free additional services: free website/API monitoring module, free latest updates, and free server monitoring module

NETMONK’s Proven Track Record

Since 2017, Netmonk has supported various organizations of various backgrounds and industries, including banks and financial companies, education providers, and transportation services providers. Netmonk has also catered to the needs of various government institutions, such as Dinas Dukcapil Kemendagri and PDAM Kota Surabaya, in monitoring their network and managing their data.

Netmonk has helped Disdukcapil monitor their network health, maintain their data stability, and improve the efficiency of their reporting procedures. Meanwhile, through their collaboration with Netmonk, PDAM Surabaya has successfully maintained their network quality, achieved more efficient business management and operations, as well as improved their performance.

Find out more about what Netmonk has to offer by contacting our Whatsapp at +62 821-4749-4005

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