28 December 2021

NeuCloud: All-in-One Cloud Service for Your Business

NeuCloud: All-in-One Cloud Service for Your Business

The phrase “the cloud” has been a buzzword commonly found not only in the tech industry, but also across different kinds of contexts. Saving data “to the cloud”, for instance, has been a common practice for businesses and individuals alike. 

As a whole, “the cloud” refers to a system consisting of software and services on the net. Once cloud services helped our lives, gone are the days where we relied too much on tangible assets to store, modify, and process our data. 

Today, many cloud services (such as neuCloud) are available for different uses.

Ideas of cloud services have been around since the 1960s, long before the moments we all started using personal computers. 

Ever since the term was popularized by Eric Schmidt in 2006, cloud services have quickly developed. From the 2010s onward, businesses have been making great use of cloud services, as the cloud not only makes them more relevant, but also brings a lot of benefits. 

Among the many benefits that cloud services bring, there are three advantages that simply just can’t be ignored.

Benefits of Cloud Services

• Minimum Operational Costs. Cloud computing effectively cuts down operational costs, as the maintenance cost of tangible assets and resources are now fully operated in the cloud. 

Cloud computing also provides better and safer data management, as on-site data storage is considerably more vulnerable to accidents and disasters (according to Smallbiz trends, 40% of small businesses do not survive disasters). 

As the world moves to the WFH trends, the cloud also offers flexibility for remote working, given that everyone can access documents/data without going to the office.

• More Rooms for Collaboration. Cloud services such as neuCloud also provide more room for collaboration, which means great news for content creators and providers.

During the process of content creation, collaborative work is an essential element that cannot be ignored. From brainstorming to revisions, these steps require a lot of teamwork. 

And sometimes it requires content creators to work simultaneously. Cloud computers allow the people involved in content creation to work on a particular content and synchronize their works – without the hassle of finding out which file is updated or outdated.

• Much Better Uptime. Cloud computing can allow your business to operate anytime – up to 99.9% uptime, in fact, according to McAfee. 

This better uptime allows businesses, especially ISPs, to remain available and build reputability. With more and more businesses moving to cloud, the competition for better uptime is getting tight. 

TechRepublic.com stated that 80% of businesses now require such high uptime that’s only possible with cloud services. Better uptime also means good news for system integrators, who can better monitor the systems in real time. 

NeuCloud as the Best Cloud Solution

Upon knowing the benefits of moving to the cloud, many businesses swiftly flock and try to find a provider. However, not all providers can deliver the best cloud solution experience. 

According to SearchCloudComputing.com, an issue related to cloud services and IaaS is availability and performance – which depends on the provider. 

In addition, not all cloud solution services can suit your needs. Some businesses (re-sellers, for instance) need particular visions that need specific cloud solution services.

This is where neuCloud by neuCentriX can come in as the best cloud solution. NeuCloud is a product that can be suited for a variety of uses. 

For starters, neuCloud is available for whitelisting, which can cater specific businesses. For small companies and private clients, neuCloud offers a pay-as-you-use option. 

NeuCloud also comes with great reliability, not only in terms of infrastructure, but also in terms of tech support and after-sales services. Its flexibility allows any kinds of businesses to utilize the product and adjust it to their needs.

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