27 October 2022

NeuCloud’s 3 Solutions

NeuCloud’s 3 Solutions

Cloud solution is a quintessential element for businesses who wish to remain competitive in the 21st century, where IR 4.0 is underway. As the world moves from “cloud-first” to “cloud-only”, it is important that businesses choose a cloud computing support that suits their ventures. Realizing this, neuCloud comes to the rescue and offers a range of solutions for different types of businesses. Here are three neuCloud services, altogether with the specifications of their different benefits.

neuCloud elastiCa

Suitable for businesses with the preference of self-service model and scalable deployment, neuCloud elastiCa provides an elastic virtual private cloud with API-based management. ElastiCa refers to “elasticity”, implying that neuCloud elastiCa’s services can be adjusted to a range of business needs. The monthly subscription model of this virtual private cloud is pay-per-use, liberating business users from any strict commitment. The self-service IaaS window shopping feature is complemented by 24/7 tech support for online and offline consultations.

In addition to low-commitment payment option, constantly available support, and self-service IaaS, neuCloud elastiCa comes with on-demand VMs, firewall, load balancer, and VPN servers, ensuring extra security steps for business managers who wish to organize their data using this service. Computing and storage of neuCloud elastiCa also has a hardware-level cloud resiliency, giving businesses the opportunity to operate with better uptime. To maintain the service quality, neuCloud elastiCa’s SLA is 10 minutes for VM delivery.

neuCloud dediCa

As for neuCloud dediCa, this cloud service provides a dedicated private cloud, with dedicated hardware and software platforms. NeuCloud dediCa is a service which greatly emphasizes security and compliance, making the type of service most suitable for banking industries and government sectors, where conducting secure and compliant operations is of the utmost importance. With neuCloud dediCa, organizations can have fully customized IaaS, adding a touch to the cloud service’s excellent computing performance.

Considering that many organizations need RFS availability as soon as possible, what about neuCloud dediCa’s RFS? The RFS availability for neuCloud dediCa can range from 1 to 8 weeks, depending on hardware availability. For neuCloud dediCa, the fee model is a combination of OTC and MRC. Such payment models allow enterprises and organizations to rest assured, since OTC means that there won’t be any further installation fees, and MRC payment ensures the service’s security and the readiness of dediCa team’s support.

neuCloud multiCa

Multi-cloud infrastructure may be a lucrative option for several businesses, as this model can offer adjustable balance between features and cost. For organizations who wish to manage multiple cloud providers, neuCloud multiCa can offer the best solution. This type of cloud service facilitates multi-cloud orchestration, giving the option to work with multiple solution providers whose services can cater different business needs. With such cross-cloud service, supervising multiple cloud services becomes hassle-free.

While neuCloud multiCa gives business owners more choices with seamless integration, it also comes with shared resources and dedicated private cloud, ensuring smoother operations for organizations. Its monthly pay-as-you-use option also gives room for less fixed commitment, which is suitable for organizations opting for using numerous cloud services at the same time. With self-service integration, neuCloud multiCa returns autonomy to organization leaders and business managers, facilitating more opportunities to work with different cloud platforms. 

Which neuCloud service is suitable for your business?

Even at a time where cloud service is a necessity, every business is unique. Therefore, selecting a dependable cloud service should also be followed by considerations regarding business goals, operations, and decisions. Knowing well that cloud elasticity and resiliency are important qualities for cloud service providers, neuCloud services are available in three types: neuCloud elastiCa, neuCloud dediCa, and neuCloud multiCa. These services are ready to support the tech development of any business operations.

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