29 December 2021

NeuPals: A Versatile Communication Platform To Redefine Your CX

NeuPals: A Versatile Communication Platform To Redefine Your CX

As customer relations activities have shifted online, business engagement has become easier and more difficult at the same time. Easier, because the online platforms have made these activities more efficient and quicker. 

More difficult, because different users typically prefer different platforms, so businesses run more than just one communication channel now. Instead, they are operating various channels simultaneously: call centers, SMS, instant messaging, emails. You can only imagine: without a single management platform, all these activities can easily turn into a mess.

Fortunately, such a platform does exist and it is called neuPals. What makes it different from other, similar platforms? Let’s find out more here…

What is neuPals?

Basically, neuPals is a communications platform which embeds contact center, live streaming, push notifications, instant messaging, video and VoIP calling features into business client’s existing apps or systems. This way, neuPals helps service teams efficiently respond to inquiries sent through different communications channels.

NeuPals is a comprehensive business communications tool and it can be used beyond customer relations management. The platform, for instance, also allows you to facilitate group discussion with your client using its video conferencing tool, supplemented with whiteboard and screen sharing functions.

The benefits of neuPals as a platform

Apart from its features, neuPals’ system is such that it allows business clients several benefits. First of all, it obviously reduces the cost to run expensive contact centers, push notifications, business messaging and media promotions.

The platform also allows businesses to personalize the style of their communications and interactions to adjust to different customer preferences, while still retaining their own distinctive brand voice. It also has an easy-to-use interface, which will make end users happy. Meanwhile, its video call feature helps to simplify customer experience and customer service teams in response to business demands.

The platform also has automated smart features for default inquiry responses, helping your employees and service team members save time on trivial work so they can expend their energy on more substantial tasks. Finally, the platform comes with enhanced private data protection measures. It guarantees security, anonymity and privacy. It does not restore any client data of any kind in its system and it does not require users to enter their phone numbers or email accounts.

So, if you are currently thinking about managing your business communication channels more effectively, do not worry, there are platforms such as neuPals out there which can make your job easier.

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