28 October 2022

Overcoming Network Interference: Success Story of Bestcamp Indonesia

Overcoming Network Interference: Success Story of Bestcamp Indonesia

Cloud solutions have allowed businesses around the world to develop their operations and find cost-effective practices that can significantly cut business expenditure. Working with a reliable cloud provider can allow a business to successfully expand their reach and improve their quality. And the importance of the last bit (quality) cannot be stressed enough, especially when one’s business is moving in the ISP sector, where clients always demand the best. Here is a story of how a company successfully overcomes their challenges after utilizing our colocation, metro-e, and IP transit services.

Meet PT Bestcamp Prima Data, a company working in various sectors, namely ISP, Software Development, Multimedia, Networking, ICT Education, Data Center, and System Integrator. H. Imam Widodo started the company as Bestcamp Indonesia in 2002. Three years later, they expanded to East Kalimantan, with a headquarter having already been built a year earlier in Samarinda and branch offices in Tarakan, Berau, and Balikpapan. Since 2010, PT Bestcamp Multimedia has been officially registered as an internet and network company.

As an internet and network service company, PT Bestcamp Prima Data aims to be the best ICT company in Indonesia. In their mission statement, the company also wishes to use IT technology to develop the nation, hoping that IT can be utilized as a medium of education for creating justice and prosperity. Having the majority of their clients in the coal and palm sectors, the company developed its business by focusing on the premium market, in addition to incorporating other products such as CCTV, Alarm, Apps, and the supply of human resources.

The Challenge

ISPs around the world would know very well that their clients have very high demands. PT Bestcamp Prima Data is not a stranger to such a case. In fact, as most of their clients are corporations, they had to keep their service performance high. As mentioned before, coal and palm corporations need reliable performance despite their remote locations. To add some more, they could not tolerate any network interference, no matter how minor the interference may be. This was one of the greatest challenges that PT Bestcamp Prima Data had to face when providing services to their clients.

Working with Telkom DWS

Facing these challenges, PT Bestcamp Prima Data started to consider working with a reliable partner. As an ISP, they needed features which could fulfill client needs which, as mentioned above, did not tolerate interference. Also, they need a system that covers the whole Indonesia, but more specifically the whole Kalimantan. This is where neuCentrIX’s colocation, metro e, and IP transit came in handy. Colocation gives security and uninterrupted power, while the metro-e network covers a wide area across cities. Meanwhile, a suitable IP transit can provide efficient connectivity with the right price.

After working with Telkom DWS, PT Bestcamp Prima Data successfully improves its bandwidth from 100 mbps to 1 Gbps through the utilization of colocation, metro e, and effective IP transit. Such bandwidth improvement was achieved over the course of 3 months. This 1000% bandwidth improvement proved to be helpful to cater to their client needs, ensuring the sustainability of business operations. With such improvement, PT Bestcamp Prima Data aims to take it up a notch as they aim to have 10 Gbps bandwidth over the next two years.

PT Bestcamp Prima Data’s success is one among many stories in which Telkom DWS’ services can help your business overcome challenges and develop further. We are ready to become a partner that helps you break through your challenges, so don’t hesitate to contact us at marketingdws@telkom.co.id or WA +62 821-4749-4005.

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