14 November 2022

Partner’s Story: How Nusanet Overcomes Challenges & Keeps Growing

Partner’s Story: How Nusanet Overcomes Challenges & Keeps Growing

The next success story comes from one of Telkom DWS’ long-time and valued partners, PT Media Antar Nusa, or Nusanet. Nusanet was established in 1996 in Medan, North Sumatra, as a web hosting and design company. In 2000, they expanded their services and included internet solutions as one of their service categories. Since then, Nusanet has become an ISP company with a national license from the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. Today, Nusanet has added even more service categories, including data center solutions, and operates in various cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Lampung, Palembang, Pekanbaru, Bali, and Malang.

What makes Nusanet different from other providers?

According to Anan Lowell, the Director of Nusanet, Nusanet has been facing a tight competition in the industry. Today, the internet has become one of everyone’s primary needs, so the demand has continued to increase. However, he mentioned that they weren’t the only one who could see the opportunity; many other internet solution providers have joined the competition. Therefore, to be able to stand out, Nusanet has to prove their reliability. 

Their constant growth has been possible thanks to their 5-star service quality. All Nusanet’s clients receive four major benefits: Speed, Stability, Security, and Support. Nusanet guarantees affordable yet fast and stable connectivity, high level security measures, and 24/7 help desks. These key strengths are what have made Nusanet a reliable choice of ISP in the areas mentioned above. 

How did the partnership with Telkom DWS start?

Besides the tight competition, coverage is one of Nusanet’s biggest challenges. A lot of areas in Indonesia have a high demand for internet connection but are too remote for most ISPs, such as secluded beaches and resort islands. Nusanet, turning this challenge into an opportunity, looked for a way to fulfill this demand.

To do this, they need superior infrastructure and network coverage. Nusanet learned about Telkom DWS from Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia (APJII) and their network at Telkom Indonesia’s regional office. They had always known Telkom Indonesia’s service quality and believed that Telkom Indonesia had the capabilities to help them solve their issues. With this in mind, Nusanet finally decided to seal a partnership with Telkom DWS.

How has Telkom DWS benefitted Nusanet?

Until now, Telkom DWS has been supporting Nusanet through several products, including IP Transit, Metro Ethernet, and Anti DDoS security measures. Through neuCentrIX, Telkom DWS has also provided Nusanet with data center colocation services in Medan, Jakarta, and Bali. 

Through superior products with proven track record, Telkom DWS and neuCentrIX have helped Nusanet grow over the years. Both have also provided Nusanet with other major advantages, including high service delivery level, responsive representatives, 24/7 experienced customer support, and wide coverage, even to remote areas. These benefits have allowed Nusanet to expand their product categories, improve their service quality, and grow their business.

What impacts has Telkom DWS’ products and services had on the growth of Nusanet?

Today, Nusanet has proven their constant growth through their increasing revenue. Anan stated that this growth is proof that, despite the industry’s tight competition, they can overcome challenges with the right support. It has inspired Nusanet to keep upgrading their products and services to give the best experience to their clients. Sheraton Surabaya Hotel & Towers stated, “Nusanet has been our ISP since 2015, and their service and support have always been excellent.”

Nusanet has also succesfully expanded their coverage to various remote areas, including areas that previously couldn’t be reached by other providers. Agata Resort Nusa Dua, Bali, one of Nusanet’s clients, gave their testimonial, “While other providers can’t reach our resort’s location, Nusanet can. Nusanet provides a superior connection and a responsive support team who always helps us whenever there’s an issue.”

So, are you ready to be the next Nusanet? Let us be a part of your growth journey! Reach out to us at https://mycarrier.telkom.co.id/!

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