30 December 2021

Protecting Customers with Voice Call Number Masking

Protecting Customers with Voice Call Number Masking

One of the biggest concerns from the customers regarding the adaptation of new technologies is how the company that they are having a transaction with can ensure their data and personal information are being kept private and secure while they are switching to online interaction. There are many risks for the customers that came from giving out their personal information, including providing details about their mobile phone numbers, including unwarranted spam calls, scam, and identity theft. With customers’ expectation and company's reputation at stake, protecting customers’ privacy by investing in Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) that has voice call number masking feature is a must. Implementing this technology, companies can have a meaningful interaction with customers in a secure manner, and therefore build trust and provide them with great customer experience.

What is voice call number masking?

Call number masking is a feature of CPaaS that can help businesses to protect customers and businesses phone numbers by using a temporary phone number for each party to communicate privately. This feature is designed to address the concerns and requirements from customers for privacy and anonymity. It allows businesses to have direct communications with their customers without having to share personal contact details and therefore safeguard customers’ private information.

How does voice call number masking work?

Implementing CPaaS from Telkom DWS, the number masking works when a caller clicks on the call widget on their app or website that is integrated to NeuAPIX platform to get connected to a receiver. The NeuAPIX platform then receives a request to initiate a call between the caller and the receiver. Responding to that request, a call is initiated from the NeuAPIX server and the call gets connected between caller and receiver using a virtual number. When both parties are connected, only NeuAPIX knows the phone numbers of the two call participants and therefore can protect the identity of both callers and keep the privacy of your users.

What can voice call number masking benefit your business?

Having this technology in place, businesses can ensure their customers are more comfortable to interact with them, knowing that their phone numbers are secured and protected. This will lead businesses to gain more trust and therefore loyalty from their customers. Not only that, companies can also track and record all the incoming and outgoing calls between their agents and their customers and use it to improve their customer experience and engagement because all conversations are kept within the platform. Last but not least, all the insights from the call logs can also be used to improve agent’s performance and therefore increase productivity.

The value of privacy in today’s world is critical. With the high risk of scam, fraud, and stolen identity, people expect to interact with companies that can protect their privacy and anonymity. Investing in CPaaS Indonesia, companies can implement voice call number masking that can help businesses to deal with sensitive information such as people’s mobile phone number. Providing these services, companies can get business advantages such as increased trust and loyalty, better productivity and great customer experience.

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