15 April 2022

Reasons why Voice Broadcasting is essential for business

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Reasons why Voice Broadcasting is essential for business

Started out in the 1990s, voice broadcasting is a technique that is used for mass communication purposes in which organizations can connect with their target audience by broadcasting telephone calls to hundreds or even thousands of call recipients at once. This technique is commonly used both for commercial or community purposes, delivering messages to potential customers, employees, or even used by government authorities for an emergency notification system. With the development of more advanced technology such as Communication Platforms as a Service (CPaaS), text-to-speech features, and interactive voice response (IVR), voice broadcasting has become more and more popular for companies to engage in and send out their message to their customers. Here is why Voice Broadcasting is essential for your business. 

Wide reach, connect with a mass audience at once

Voice broadcasting can send voice messages to thousands of recipients all at once. Not only that this technology can also enable organizations to create their messages easily just within minutes. Voice broadcasting also has retry options which enable companies to maximize their outreach by resending the broadcast message to people who missed the calls at the first attempt. Some of the most common use of voice broadcasting include surveys and information confirmation. Many big companies also use voice broadcasting to ensure their brand presence, making sure that their customers are aware of their products and their current programs.

Personalize campaigns with a consistent message

Most of the time it is challenging to make a phone campaign to promote your business and maintain the consistency of the message. Often, during the conversation, the messages that are delivered by the call center agents were altered, despite all of our effort to train them and create a standardized script to maintain consistency. With voice broadcasting, since the messages are digitally recorded, the system can guarantee the consistency of the broadcast. Not only that, your campaign can also be personalized in several ways, including pick a predefined message script and adding a customers’ name to make it feel like the call is dedicated only to them. Not only that, it is also possible to use the text-to-speech feature to generate a dynamic voice sample by altering the script. A scripted message with a personal touch can help more meaningful interaction with your target audience.

Measurable result and cost-effective option

Voice broadcast service also offers ways to track the effectiveness of your campaign Therefore you can use the insights to evaluate your campaign, including the theme, the schedule, as well as the audience segments. With this feature, you can run a trial campaign for a short time period to check which campaign is more effective and when is the best time to deliver your message. Therefore you can use the message that is getting the most response from your targeted audience for the long campaign. Moreover, voice broadcast is also one of the most cost-effective methods to reach a mass audience because you do not have to call your audience one by one, therefore saving the time and effort of your team and significant;y reduce your operational cost. It is a technology with only a one-time investment but has long-term business benefits.

For businesses that have already implemented CPaaS Indonesia, adding voice broadcast technology will definitely bring your game for engaging customers and creating a magnificent customer experience to the next level. Not only can it reach thousands of customers in one go, but it is also cost-effective, consistent, and can deliver measurable results and personalized messages. Wait no more, implement voice broadcast now for outstanding business results for your company.

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