30 December 2021

Revolutionize Business Connectivity Through Enterprise VPN

Revolutionize Business Connectivity Through Enterprise VPN

Data and connectivity are important things nowadays. It makes the possibilities to work from anywhere. Yet, the most common problem of connectivity is digital security. Every business owner needs digital security assurance to access and manage their business data. The frail digital infrastructure and the leak of data can affect your business and profits. A virtual private network (VPN) can help to protect your connectivity.

What is a VPN? Virtual Private Network for business

VPN service is the system to protect the security of your connection. It provides end-to-end encryption for your device’s internet connection to running your business. The encryption delivers a secured web connection to the company and allows the employees to connect to the internet from everywhere. When your company data is encrypted, it is secure from fake Wi-Fi, hackers, and competitors. 

There are several ways to implement VPN for your business. It depends on your company’s scale. Private Internet Access VPN is limited as to the bandwidth that it provides because it is dependent on the public internet. The enterprise VPN service can provide a business VPN integrated with CE devices with domestic Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS). It allows your IT professionals to build your own VPN, remote access architecture, and scale up the bandwidth.

After we knowing more about VPN and several things about that, here the several reasons why you should consider using a VPN for your business

1. Security

The company not only needs antivirus protection to avoid malware, virus, hackers, and intrusion. The antivirus can help you as long as you update the antivirus. VPN has different functions to secure your data. It secures your connectivity when you want to access and processes your business data. 

VPN provides end-to-end encryption that protects sensitive data, internal documents, and internal communications of your company. Even though you access data through the internet when you choose VPN encrypts your entire internet connection. 

The security of VPN makes it possible to share data and files in a safe way between cohorts, colleagues, and several outside the organization. When you upload the files to cloud storage or networks outside the company/organization, they are also encrypted by VPN. It makes only the person with the encryption key can access, decrypt, and use the data.

2. Remote Data Access

In the high mobility era, the need to access data remotely is important. A business VPN service provides data saved on the cloud system and gives you the ability to access data remotely. It can help you when you need to work from anywhere like in the branch office, or at home, or when you forget your devices somewhere. This system can be enterprise VPN solutions to improve security and make flexible accessibility for their employees. 

The security of accessing data remotely applies when you or your employees travel to a place that has internet censorship. Many VPN  providers provide locations that you can choose to ensure good connections to your company network. You can choose the same locations as your home country to appear as if your business connects to the internet just like before.

3. Operations and Cost

When you choose to use a managed cloud VPN service, you should consider having a team manage it well. They will maintain a clean, secure, and working VPN environment. Maybe it needs more cost for the infrastructure and the human resource, but it can be an investment for your business.  

The data of company and consumer is an invaluable asset. It is important to keep it safe by managing the risk through VPN. You can measure your company scale and requirements to calculate the cost to use a business VPN service. Many VPN providers have some services that can be adjusted to your company’s needs.

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