30 December 2021

Smart Ways to Leverage SMS to Boost Customer Experience

Smart Ways to Leverage SMS to Boost Customer Experience

In the age of social distancing, people are learning to change their communication habits and explore new ways of keeping the information flowing. Just when you think that your communication strategy is obsolete, more people, as they work from home, are glued to their mobile devices and relying on their phones as a primary channel for communications. This gives you more reason to shift your communication strategy towards SMS technology, because it is cost-effective, easy to implement, and most importantly allows you to boost your customer experience. Facing the new normal, companies need to leverage mobile technology, as it increasingly presents itself as a channel for growth. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the time spent on mobile phones has increased by 30% and 49% of customers said that they prefer to engage with brands through SMS during this time. 

Moreover, since January 2020, brands have seen a 40% increase in revenue per SMS message sent. Therefore, whatever industry you are, investing in SMS technology to provide the best customer experience can help you to stay in front and gain momentum during this time of crisis. Communicating effectively and efficiently to maintain customer relationships SMS can give your customers seamless experience at all touchpoints. If you are working in the hospitality industry, you can increase customer journey by sending pre-arrival message, on-arrival message, mid-stay message, and post check-out message, ensuring your customers are well taken care of. You can also apply that approach in other industries, including e-commerce, healthcare services, fi0cial services, and education. 

During this unprecedented time, it is more important than ever for your company to genuinely connect with your customers and strengthen the relationship with communities, to ensure that your business will emerge and be ready to grow. Adapt your business strategy to find ways to make sales during this challenging time With the new guidelines for social distancing, restaurants, fast food, beauty, along with many other industries can leverage SMS to find new ways to adapt, including offering pick ups and delivery services, providing product knowledge, and offering “Buy Now, Use Later” options to allow your customers to redeem your products or services once the social distancing guidelines have been lifted. Having more than 57% of customers shopping online compared to usual and over 65% of customers preferring to shop via phones, now is the time to invest in SMS channels to convert your communication strategy into sustainable revenue for your organization. 

Maintain productivity, improve day-to-day operations, and deliver best quality of services to your customers To be able to cope with the challenges of “New Normal” and social distancing, it is important for companies to make changes that affect their day to day operations. With 98% of all SMS messages opened and 90% of all messages are read within the first three minutes of being sent, your important operations message during COVID-19 will be well-received by your customers in real-time. You can inform your customers about the change of business operational hours, reduced or delayed shipping times, store closures, or offering your customers to reschedule an appointment for a future date. 

The value that SMS can bring to your company is proven to be very significant. By having real-life examples of the smart ways companies are leveraging text messaging to communicate and boost customer’s journeys and overall experience, you can feel more confident about implementing this technology in your organization. With 25 times the return on investment and six to eight times higher engagement rates than emails, SMS is definitely one of the channels the customers will be engaged with the most, especially during the social

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