28 December 2021

SMS A2P Helps You Boost Digital Business Operations

SMS A2P Helps You Boost Digital Business Operations

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the efficacy of text marketing in helping brands stay relevant among their homebound customers. 

Text marketing via short message service (SMS) balances the fine line between giving customers cold calls to offer some products or promos, which many find really intrusive. 

At the same time, with the 98 percent, the open rate of SMS, text marketing can feel more immediate and intimate than emails. 

As businesses have increasingly gone digital, a trend spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, SMS A2P platforms also help customers conduct their activities in a more secure manner. 

The SMS A2P platforms help provide customers one-time passwords (OTP), essential to prevent security breaches in digital transactions. 

The platform also notifies customers of suspicious login activities in their accounts right away via SMS. Simply put, SMS A2P platforms are useful for digital business operations.

What SMS A2P by Telkom DWS can do for you?

Telkom DWS’s SMS A2P provider has a domestic reach that helps you distribute your SMS traffic to other entities linked with Telkom’s SMS Hubber. 

The provider will direct the traffic data, which have been passed through the SMS Hubber along with the billing data on to you. 

At the same time, it also helps you gauge the performance of your SMS traffic almost in a real-time manner, through a web that is more user friendly and easily accessible using the internet. 

The SMS A2P platform allows you to send event reminders to participants, suitable for ticket reservations and webinars. 

You can also use reminders to remind customers to pay their bills when due dates are near, and you can provide your customers information related to various service updates, such as bill and service installation updates. 

SMS can also be used to confirm that your customers’ transaction has been finalized. It usually brings comfort to customers when they know for sure their transactions have successfully been confirmed and can keep records of such confirmation documents. 

It also has a notification function. This is useful specifically in delivery activities. You can let your customers know when the items they ordered have already been shipped from abroad, for instance, to give them a sense of when the product will arrive.

Protecting customers and go beyond SMS marketing

Another perk of using SMS A2P is the platform able to mask your SMS with your company displayed as the sender. 

Furthermore, the SMS A2P platform helps you go beyond marketing and promotional activities alone to also provide customers digital security functions. 

It boasts a two-factor authentication feature, also known as the one-time password (OTP), which boosts digital security when users log in to an account or need to make a transaction. 

Still pertinent to account login activities, as security threats increased, automatic alerts sent automatically through A2P SMS can warn users straight away of suspicious activities on their accounts. 

The competitive advantages of SMS A2P by Telkom DWS

Telkom Indonesia can be your trusty connectivity partner in operating SMS A2P providers. Through its Telkom Wholesale Business Division (Telkom DWS), Telkom offers several competitive connectivity advantages. 

The advantages include good after sales service with competitive price. Moreover, the registration process and other supporting documents for our service delivery are all integrated in one platform with our DTP MyCarrier. 

At the same time, Telkom DWS has made delivery systems smoother under its simple and integrated platform, giving customers faster campaign production time.

Greet the new year of 2021 by partnering with Telkom DWS to power your company’s digital operations. Visit our website at https://mycarrier.telkom.co.id/sms-a2p-domestik to learn more about SMS A2P Indonesia, or simply leave us a message through the inquiry form in the website.

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