28 December 2021

SMS A2P Solution for PT Jatis

SMS A2P Solution for PT Jatis

As customer and business habits evolve, SMS application-to-person (A2P), especially for international outreach has been growing. 

Driven by the growth in e-commerce, social media, and digital transformation across all industries, SMS A2P has now become one of the most crucial communication channels for companies looking to adapt to the changing ecosystem of messaging. 

According to Market Watch, the global SMS A2P market size was USD 66B in 2019 and by the end of 2026 it is expected to reach USD 83B with a CAGR of 3.3% between 2021 to 2026.

SMS A2P are SMS that are sent from automated services to humans. This  text messaging service is used for advertising, confirmation, notification, One Time Password (OTP) or PIN Code for authorization. 

Because of its fast delivery and the ability to provide delivery reports, SMS A2P is now commonly used by companies to engage with their customers for providing updates about appointments, services, or information about their products. 

It is also being used as an integral part for complex user-authentication procedures, ensuring business transactions are secured and well-protected.

PT Jatis is a SMS aggregator company who offers a platform and front-end system to the users, using SMS A2P system. 

It offers services for telecommunication provider, communication service provider, digital plater (OTT), and system aggregator. 

With SMS A2P services, PT Jatis has successfully delivered communication services using SMS for their customers. The following are the features that were used by PT Jatis to serve their customers.

Deliver private voice/SMS communication through number masking

By partnering with Telkom DWS, PT Jatis can deliver excellent services for their customers by providing private voice/SMS communication through number masking. 

Number masking is the ability to make phone calls and send messages between businesses and customers without exposing personal phone numbers. 

This feature can help protect identity and user privacy, avoid revenue leakage, and gain new insights. Not only that, this technology also enables user anonymity, communicating within users’ platforms, as well as controlling user experiences. 

Ensure secure business transactions through 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

One of the key features from SMS A2P that is very beneficial for PT Jatis to better serve their customers is ensuring secure business transactions through 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). 

This feature adds another layer of security by supplementing the username and password model with an OTP code that only specific users have the access to. 

This solution is commonly used for device authentication, user registration, transaction validation, password reset, and confirmation to bank transfer. This feature will help PT Jatis to drive real time and more secure services for their customers. 

The implementation of SMS A2P in PT Jatis has shown how this emerging technology can deliver impactful benefits for companies and end users all over the world. 

It is a convenient mode of communication that has big outreach, can be received in all kinds of devices, and can reach any network worldwide. 

Delivering communication services for your customers, SMS A2P Indonesia from Telkom DWS can certainly serve your requirement.

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