Strengthen Your Marketing with A2P SMS

16 June 2021

Strengthen Your Marketing with A2P SMS


As good as digital marketing sounds in Indonesia, conducting a coordinated online campaign in the country can be highly challenging. 

The country consists of scattered islands separated by water. Its landscape also has lots of remote areas in which it can be challenging to build adequate internet infrastructure. 

For areas with weak internet connections, SMS can be the best medium to conduct digital campaigns, whether it involves brand promotions, survey data collection, or public information dissemination. 

In order to put a global context to this, recently, text marketing has gained traction once again, taking into account the high open rate of text messages (which can amount to more than 90 percent). All things considered, SMS can be an ideal advertising platform in Indonesia.

Thus, in order to conduct your SMS marketing campaigns, you need to arm yourself with reliable tool like A2P SMS, which can help you coordinate and execute your marketing campaigns via text effectively.

Effective Communication Through SMS

Cannot be denied, SMS marketing can give your customers seamless experience at all touchpoints. Also, the value that SMS can bring to your company is proven to be very significant with the support from A2P SMS.

A2P SMS can provide users consumer insight services that is able to help your businesses implement more precise and targeted text marketing campaign. 

In addition, A2P SMS helps clients understand the demographics and preferences of their customers, based on age, gender, location, smartphone type, and average revenue per user (ARPU). 

Several A2P SMS platforms can also help clients get the most from their text marketing activities by paying attention to consumer’s smartphone use patterns, including at which time of the day or week they are mostly engaged, which is broken down into specific parts of the times of the day.

The Ability To Design a Suitable Campaign Type

Different campaigns need different solutions. So, with the use of A2P SMS, you can conduct SMS campaigns supported with its several features.

Several A2P SMS platforms offer bulk message solutions that allow you to send a uniform message to MSISDN (Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network Number) users nationwide on your database. 

You also can send targeted messages and location-based advertising messages. These solutions allow you to send messages which target users in specific locations and based on audience profile.

Another feature of A2P SMS that is nice to have for your marketing communication is the interactivity. 

You can send messages and get direct responses from the audience. In addition, you can send SMS with Alphanumeric Masking and there is no dependence on the type of cell phone used.

Finally, beyond text marketing, A2P SMS is the most reliable platform for online security purposes, such as one-time password (OTP) to verify a user’s identity online as well as to handle password change requests.

It is no doubt to say that A2P SMS is a definite solution for all your marketing communication needs. For more info regarding A2P SMS, contact our representatives or visit 

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