24 March 2022

Tackling Data Stability Problem: a Success Story of PDAM Surabaya

Tackling Data Stability Problem: 
a Success Story of PDAM Surabaya

PDAM, short for Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum, is a regional-owned business unit engaged in distributing clean water for the public. PDAMs are located in every province, district, and municipality throughout Indonesia.

This clean water business has been established since 1900. However, its vision is to become a modern, clean water company. By following the technology trend and implementing IoT, PDAM wants to ensure transparent financial management for public welfare, build a community that uses water wisely, provide efficient and sustainable drinking water, and build a work environment that prioritizes integrity and achievement.

With Telkom DWS’s support, PDAM Surabaya strives to improve the digital customer experience as well as enhance its management. 

The Challenges

With the growing trend of technology implementation in any business segment, PDAM strives to modernize its services as well. The purpose is to provide a better service for the PDAM’s customers and maintain quality work in their organization. However, there are some challenges that they face to be able to provide a better digital customer experience.

Since PDAMs offices are located in several districts and municipalities, it is necessary to monitor the network of these various locations. This is important for the performance evaluation of each PDAM in Surabaya.

By maximizing their website, PDAM Surabaya also needs to routinely monitor the domain and subdomain to ensure that the page is well-operable. Additionally, there is also a growing need for server/data center monitoring of PDAM Surabaya. Meanwhile, proactive maintenance is necessary to address the service issue and maintain excellent performance.

Working with Telkom DWS

Telkom DWS offers several solutions for PDAM Surabaya. The first solution is through Netmonk, a network monitoring application provider in Indonesia. It helps companies to meet all the needs of network monitoring application. Netmonk offers one tool all purposes approach, where there are three modules available in one application. This helps create efficient business management and ease the IT team to perform daily operations. 

Telkom DWS also provides the automatic report feature which helps to improve report writing time by allowing the team to create a comprehensive report of a particular period in PDF format in a single click. Additionally, the proactive maintenance feature in all modules and the predictive maintenance feature in the Network Monitoring module help the IT team perform routine maintenance and operations.

Another solution is to maintain the data stability stored in the database, making the audit process more accessible. This is possible with the API Monitoring feature, which monitors the functionality and performance summary between one application and the rest. With this feature, PDAM Surabaya can automatically create performance audit reports of the website or API status in the form of PDF. 

Telegram bot features that it offers also encourage proactive maintenance due to the telegram bot that it uses. This way, the related team can immediately respond to issues and resolve them promptly.

All these great solutions are further enhanced with the meticulous details provided by Telkom DWS, such as response time graphic and up/down status. Another digital product from Telkom that can help PDAM Surabaya is Funneling and Pageview from Google Analytics. 

This feature will establish a correlation between website reports or API monitoring with website performance based on Google Analytics data. With this report, issues will be able to be addressed as soon as it is recognized, making website maintenance and management easier to handle.

PDAM Surabaya’s success is only one among many other success stories Telkom DWS has. Telkom's services will help any business shift to the IoT trend, overcome challenges, and expand their business further. 

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