28 December 2021

TADEX: Your Partner in Online Advertisement

TADEX: Your Partner in Online Advertisement

Ever since the internet took over our lives and smartphones became accessible to virtually anyone, a significant portion of our day has been spent on the net, whether it’s surfing, playing games, checking on social media, or shopping. As we move our lives to the digital, so does advertisement. In the digital era, it was found that 49% of internet users would be willing to make a purchase after looking at online advertisement, facilitating the growth of online advertising to the point where programmatic advertising was born.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

By using programmatic advertising, advertisers would purchase software to buy digital ads space. Receiving machine support to purchase display space, marketers could focus more on the quality of the ad content itself instead of spending so much time making proposals and doing negotiations. As of 2020, 65% of digital media was programmatic, resulting in a massive $45.94 billion expenditure. Considering that the trend of programmatic ad is relatively new, this figure signals a massive growth of programmatic advertising.

With hundreds of millions of internet users, the Indonesian internet landscape is a fertile soil for programmatic advertising. This prompts enthusiasm among marketers targeting Indonesian audiences to advertise using programmatic ad platforms. Nonetheless, there is a tendency to rely on foreign programmatic ads platform providers such as Appnexus, InMobi, and OpenX. Meanwhile, it would be more effective for businesses to market their products and services by collaborating with a programmatic ad platform provider that is connected to trusted publishers.

TADEX: The First and Largest Premium Publisher Programmatic Ads in Indonesia

Understanding the niche in the field of programmatic ads, TADEX was developed to provide advertisers the opportunity to connect with their customers through dependable online Indonesian publishers. Receiving support from prominent Indonesian figures, TADEX is the first and largest premium publisher programmatic Ads in Indonesia. Through TADEX, advertisers will reach a wider demographic of audiences, albeit with high efficacy, accuracy, and success rate. Here’s several ways of how TADEX can bring benefits to advertisers.

• Premium publishers = Massive amount of traffic. As mentioned above, TADEX connects advertisers with premium Indonesian publishers such as Kompas.com, Tempo.co, IDN Times, Kumparan, and Republika. According to similarweb.com, in August 2021, their traffic ranged from 15 million to 216.3 million visits (the latter being Kompas.com). Supported by DMP (Data Management Platform), TADEX can get advertisers 10 million traffic per day – that’s roughly 300 million traffic per month!

• Multiple Platforms, Great Outreach, Simple Management.

With TADEX, advertisers can run cross-platform campaigns, resulting in preferable advertising inventories. The advertisement will be connected to premium publishers’ multiple environments, be it desktop, mobile web, mobile app, or even OTT. Despite using multi channels, advertisers can get better control of omnichannel reach through TADEX, as the platform allows them to monitor the engagement (and inventories). 

• Effective Message, Targeting, and Cost

TADEX offers a wide range of ad units and programmatic-friendly ad formats, allowing advertisers to communicate their messages effectively. In addition, TADEX is supported with Telco data, giving insights that marketers can benefit from to precisely target their audience despite the massive outreach and traffic. Regardless of such benefits, TADEX is also cost-efficient, as advertisers can choose to display their ads on either a single publisher or multiple ones with standardized CPM/price.

TADEX was developed to support advertisers in gathering the best insights, maximizing outreach, and gaining more control. As a platform, TADEX connects businesses with opportunities to reach wider audiences, provides multiple ad units & formats, opens access to the best and largest media publishers in Indonesia, and allows advertisers to target their audience with insights and precision. In a world where programmatic ads help businesses, TADEX paves the way for advertisers to the landscape of online Indonesian publisher environments.

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