27 October 2022

Taking Customers to the Next Level of Gaming Experience

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Taking Customers to the Next Level of Gaming Experience

To stay relevant in the competition, ISPs often need to expand their business and offer a range of products and services. In addition to offering web hosting services, VPN, and software packages, some ISPs have grabbed the opportunity to offer their customers several entertainment packages. Netflix or Disney+ bundles, for instance, are now commonly found in ISPs’ offers. As the demand for entertainment rises over the course of the pandemic, ISPs might need to offer something special. What about offering, say, a unique gaming experience?

Incorporating a gaming product might sound a little bit strange to ISPs, but existing data might suggest otherwise. InMobi found that in 2021, 54% of their Indonesian respondents had three or more games installed on their phones. According to another survey conducted in 2021, 31% Indonesians aged 18 and older regularly play games for 1 to 3 hours per day. These data suggest that enthusiasm for gaming is high among Indonesians, and this can provide opportunities for creative ISPs who wish to market gaming products.

GameQoo: The Next-Level Gaming Experience

If ISPs aim to offer gaming products and include them in a bundle, the product must provide unique entertainment supplies for their customers. Conventional gaming experiences might be either too ordinary (remember the Tetris mini-game included in our VCD players?), or too impossible to implement (we imagine that giving a gaming console like PS5 to your customer would result in a ridiculous bundle price). Cloud gaming service like GameQoo, however, is a fresh gaming experience that can easily be integrated with ISPs’ products and services.

GameQoo’s Benefit and Features for ISPs

To give customers a whole new level of gaming experience, GameQoo can be a unique product that ISPs can market. As a cloud gaming platform, GameQoo provides a cloud gaming experience where end users do not need a gaming device to play high quality games. As a product, GameQoo provides an opportunity for providers to gain additional revenue by including cloud gaming features into their services. Including GameQoo to product bundles can also complement an ISP’s digital service portfolio, giving a remarkable unique selling point.

If GameQoo can benefit many ISPs, there’s one question that most customers would ask: What’s in it for me? There might be concerns about whether the games can be played with relatives, as gaming is a family activity in some households. While some cloud gaming platforms cater to the needs of hardcore gamers, the majority of GameQoo’s games are family friendly, making cloud gaming experience safe for everyone. In addition, games can be played by several players on several devices seamlessly, as every gaming progress is saved on the cloud.

GameQoo Use Cases

GameQoo is a versatile product that can be adjusted to ISPs’ customers. The first obvious use case of GameQoo would be as an add-on for their bundles, as mentioned above. Another one, for instance, would be incorporating GameQoo to hospitality services such as hotel amenities. Most hotel services have included VOD, but only a few have cloud gaming for their customers. Aside from hotels, customer experience with flight/lounge amenities could be upgraded with GameQoo, as it gives customers an out-of-ordinary experience of gaming.

Innovation on products and services can make an ISP sustain and develop their business in continuity. Adding entertainment options is a great way for ISPs to increase retention and attract new customers. But why should ISPs settle for ordinary entertainment options if they could offer something special? ISPs now have an option to offer gaming products. More specifically, ISPs can offer a cloud gaming experience: an extraordinary gaming experience that customers can enjoy. And such experience is accessible here and now, with GameQoo.

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