28 December 2021

Telemedicine Boom After the Pandemic: How to Grab the Opportunities

Telemedicine Boom After the Pandemic: How to Grab the Opportunities

Telemedicine is experiencing a massive growth in the last few years, and its rapid development has been further supported with the existence of a global pandemic where there are more risks with our mobility. According to McKinsey, in the US alone, the number of people opting for telemedicine significantly grew from 11 to 46% after the coronavirus pandemic struck. With such convenience and relatively higher amount of safety, telemedicine will keep on gaining popularity. But other than leverage, what does it mean for telemedicine service providers?

Opportunities for Telemedicine Service Providers

As telemedicine becomes a more preferred option, telemedicine service providers could improve their service and aim for the best quality by incorporating cloud solutions. Cloud computing allows telehealth service providers quickly set up their system and easily manage it during its operation. Petabyte-level storage in cloud systems will support a medical expert in conducting real-time consultation with patients far away, as long as both are connected to the internet. It’s hard to imagine a telemedicine system that doesn’t benefit from cloud computing.

Nevertheless, Healthcare IT News reported that despite cloud computing being considered an important feature in telemedicine by 53% of healthcare respondents, only 7% have actually worked on creating a sustainable digital strategy. While the finding shows a gap in the telehealth industry, this also shows a great opportunity for telemedicine service providers: Those who wish to become a leader in the industry can work with the best reliable cloud solution provider. And here, the best cloud solution provider is none other than NeuCloud.

What NeuCloud can Offer

Here are several things that can support telehealth providers in becoming the frontrunner in the industry.

• A Range of Storage Systems

Storage is an important aspect of cloud computing. For telemedicine service providers, this aspect is crucial since telemedicine involves a lot of data, as the service will cater the needs of countless patients and use the inventory of numerous medical equipment. NeuCloud’s cloud solution comes with block storage, object storage, backup storage, and SSD storage, allowing your telemedicine service to gather, store, and process data with ease. With neuCloud, storage is never an issue.

• Ease of Management

NeuCloud offers telemedicine service providers ease of management. With features such as API Gateway and intelliCa intelligent monitoring, neuCloud users can look at server performance in real time, allowing telemedicine service managers to anticipate problems and keep up their service quality all the time. Intelligent monitoring is also proven to save cost and improve security, which are two important aspects that can greatly support your telemedicine service operations.

• In-House Video Conference Platform

This feature of neuCloud allows service providers to set up a meeting without relying too much on additional third-party video conference platforms. As meetings may involve important data regarding business decisions, having an in-house video conference platform that’s integrated with the whole cloud computing system equals better security of data. Furthermore, this in-house video conference platform can also support the telemedicine operations, especially when a patient consults a medical expert.

Aside from the three features, neuCloud services come with so many benefits that can really help the development of your telemedicine services. For instance, neuCloud can support telemedicine service providers’ go-to-market strategy overnight. Also, it comes with API-based customized development, allowing further improvement for the telemedicine service. Neucloud also comes with numerous other SaaS solutions and security measures, guaranteeing the operation of telemedicine services.

NeuCloud has proven its reliability as it’s used by a prominent telemedicine service provider in Indonesia. With that said, telemedicine providers in the industry can start incorporating neuCloud solutions to rapidly develop and become a leading telemedicine service provider in Indonesia.

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