30 December 2021

Telkom DWS in World AI Show 2020

Telkom DWS in World AI Show 2020

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, on 9 July 2020, Telkom DWS participated in World AI Show 2020 - Jakarta, which was held virtually in lieu of an in-person event. This is a great opportunity for us to enter the digital business market, connect with potential customers and expand our network, and raise public awareness of our end-to-end solutions for digital businesses, including emerging technologies such as SMS A2P, Big Data, and CPaaS. Attended by Asia Pacific’s top AI players this virtual event gathered CIOs, CEOs, CTOs, and other AI & Digital Transformation experts through a powerful engagement in keynotes, workshops, use-case presentations, product exhibitions, and panel discussion which contributed in finding solutions for issues and trends within the AI and Digital Transformation space.

Insightful Session from Global AI & Digital Transformation Experts

Attended by prominent global AI & Digital Transformation experts, World AI Show 2020 provided the opportunity to learn from the best practices to achieve optimum results in a fast-moving digital world. The speakers from this insightful session came from various backgrounds, including government officials, business executives, industry associations, not only from Indonesia, but also from around Asia Pacific. It was a great opportunity for Telkom DWS to be part of insightful discussions and initiate conversations with the attendees in this event about relevant topics such as automation and the future of work, role of digital government, and many more. It was an opportunity to hear from the world’s leading solution providers about innovative ways to achieve favorable business results.

Technology Use Cases that Have the Potential to Revolutionize Industries

World AI Show 2020 was joined by various industry sectors, from fi0cial services, insurance, manufacturing, transportation, telecommunication, and many more. In this virtual conference, AI & Digital Transformation professionals, including Telkom DWS were exploring the possibilities of transformational technology use-cases, presented by successful early adopters and pioneers in each of the industry sectors. Not only that, we also have the opportunity to host educational sessions and virtually showcasing our latest innovations designed with the primary focus on enabling businesses and organizations to adopt robust Digital Transformation solutions.

Virtual Panel Discussions and Exchange Ideas with Professionals in Digital Industry

This virtual conference also provided information from the panel discussion, allowing attendees to exchange ideas to find the best solutions that will empower business through technology and collaboration. Understanding the technology trend in the AI and Digital Industry, we are confident that our solutions, such as SMS A2P, CPaaS, and Big Data can help businesses thrive in adapting to this ever-changing situation and environment. Not only that, World AI Show 2020 also provided an opportunity for us to engage and provide consultancy to potential customers through private and online chat, as well as sharing ideas virtually with business executives and professionals in various sectors in private online chat rooms.

Supported by the KEMKOMINFO (Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Government of Indonesia) and Jakarta Smart City, World AI Show has allowed Telkom DWS to use state-of-the-art technology to quickly chat and connect with potential customers and collaborators. It was a great opportunity for us to share our capabilities and engage with digital industry professionals in this world’s biggest and most-elite AI show series.

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