30 December 2021

The Benefit of Integrating Whatsapp Business API for Enterprises

The Benefit of Integrating Whatsapp Business API for Enterprises

The use of Whatsapp as a communication channel has now become a trend, not only for personal use, but also for business. Having more than 1.6 billion users across the world, Whatsapp has emerged as the go-to messaging app. It allows family and friends to talk, create group texts, post photographs and images, send and receive information, as well as engage in private and safe conversation at any time, instantly, comfortably, and conveniently. Now, with the launch of Whatsapp Business API, companies all over the world are now looking at Whatsapp as the next effective communication channel not only for their internal use, but also with their customers. With CPaaS, companies can develop better interactions with their customers, because it allows users to connect and communicate with the brand in their preferred channels without having to switch between applications. Why should businesses integrate their existing communication platforms with Whatsapp Business API? Here are some of the reasons.

Create great brand relationships with customers

Whatsapp offers a closed and intimate environment to communicate personally with their customers. Considering the launch of Whatsapp for Business, companies can leverage this personalized communications too. More importantly, Whatsapp also allows companies to insert your brand personality, but at the same time verifies all company accounts and therefore give your customers a guarantee and assurance that the businesses they are communicating with are not an imposters or a fraud. This personalized interaction will help your business to create great brand relationships with your customers.

Drive two-way communications with audience

On Whatsapp, businesses and customers can interact directly and in a two-way approach. It creates real conversation that will move customer engagement to the next level. Whatsapp not only serves customers as a great channel for notifications like delivery alerts, confirmation for purchase, and customer support, but also allows interaction such as products and services information, consultations, making payment, filing complaints, and book or reschedule a service without having to call, send email, or go to the company’s website. It will certainly make your customers have the journey that they are expecting, and therefore drive customer retention and loyalty that is good for your business.

Remain compliant and secure with the regulations

One of Whatsapp’s most important advantages is the end-to-end encryption and its high commitment to preserve the privacy of the users. Whatsapp facilitates the needs of the customers to a familiar but secure way to connect with businesses they want to engage with. Whatsapp provides safeguard for businesses by having a two-factor authentication (2FA) that will assure the audience that having the conversation with the companies are real people with the right identity.

The launch of Whatsapp for Business is a game changer. It has the potential to become one of the most important and powerful customer engagement platforms on the market today because of its extensive reach, highly engaged user base, and its rich communication capabilities. Integrating Whatsapp Business API with your CPaaS Indonesia, your company will remain competitive in the market, while continuing to connect with your customers genuinely. Understanding the benefit of integrating Whatsapp Business API with your existing communication channels, you will be ready to engage with your customers in a new effective way.

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