10 November 2022

The Importance of Cyber Security in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

The Importance of Cyber Security in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

Have you ever known information about cyber attacks that occur in colleagues around you? Of course, it is very detrimental to the victims, especially if the cyber attack occurs in the company. This is where cyber security comes in!

Prevention is better than cure, so preventing cyber attacks is something you can do. How? Can by using cyber security.

Therefore, we will jointly understand the importance of cyber security, especially in relation to your business.

Getting to Know the Definition of Cyber Security

Cyber security is a technology, process and practice designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attacks, damage or access that you do not know about. 

Cyber security is an effort to protect information related to your business from cyber attacks of any kind that interferes with the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

When many companies have transformed into digital-based work systems, the importance of cyber security will be needed in storing, accessing and retrieving important information.

Elements of Cyber Security

To understand the importance of cyber security, you need to understand the elements in it, namely:

1. Security policy document, which is a standard document that is used as a reference in carrying out all processes related to information security

2. Information infrastructure, namely media that plays a role in the continuity of information operations including hardware and software. 

3. Perimeter defense, which is a medium that acts as a defense component in information infrastructure, such as IDS, IPS, and firewalls. 

4. Network monitoring system, which is a media that plays a role in monitoring the feasibility, utilization, and performance of information infrastructure. 

5. System information and event management, which is a media that plays a role in monitoring various events on your network. 

6. Network security assessment, which is an element of cyber security that acts as a control mechanism and provides measurement of the level of information security. 

7. Human resources and security awareness, namely human resources and their understanding of information security. 

Types of Cyber Attacks that Occur in the Era of the Industrial Revolution

Increasingly diverse cyber attacks can be classified into four types, where with the right knowledge you will increasingly understand the importance of cyber security.

- Denial of service is an attack that manipulates systems, networks, and applications so that the performance of your device becomes very heavy and drains power. When the IT system in your business is hit by the attack, hackers will demand a ransom to restore it to its original condition.

- Malware and viruses are malicious programs that are deliberately infiltrated through e-mails , suspicious websites, or applications on hardware that are connected to a company's system devices. The impact of incoming viruses will damage existing data, hide data, or even damage or delete it.

- Botnest and Zombie are computer attacks connected to a central network. The impact of botnets is known as zombies because the existence of devices is already under the control of hackers. The botnet was created with the intention of stealing your data and improving its encryption capabilities making it difficult to detect.

Scareware is one type of scam that is commonly used by hackers to deceive device users because of its pop-up form of warning from the system. When you press the wrong button, you will be directed to perform certain actions that are fraudulent in nature.

By understanding the importance of cyber security, you will know the importance of maintaining and preventing misuse of access and utilization of data in IT systems. Activate cyber security in your business IT system with Telkom DWS, your best partner in the field of communication technology!

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