7 September 2022

The Journey of PT Cipta Informatika Cemerlang

The Journey of PT Cipta Informatika Cemerlang

Another success story comes from one of Telkom DWS’ long-time and valued partners, PT Cipta Informatika Cemerlang, or CIC. CIC is an ISP based in Batam, Riau, and was one of Telkom Indonesia’s very first clients at neuCentrIX Batam. During their years of operation, CIC has worked with a list of local clients, making them one of the fastest growing ISPs in the area.

What makes CIC different from other providers?

CIC has been serving the residents of Batam and its surrounding areas through a number of products, including internet services, fiber optic, smart residence, IPTV, and hosting services. According to Adriman, the director of CIC, they have a very specific key strength: service excellence. To be able to stand out from the competition, CIC ensures 24/7 fast and reliable customer support. Therefore, stated Adriman, even if a client calls about an issue they’re experiencing with their network past working hours, CIC will gladly send a team to help. This USP is what has made CIC a popular choice of ISP in the area although they don’t exactly offer a lower price compared to their competitors.

How did the partnership with Telkom DWS start?

Before the partnership, CIC experienced two major challenges. It was difficult for them to provide quality products and services for their customers. It was also tough for them to reach the rural areas of Batam due to limited infrastructure and network coverage. In Batam, many new ISPs had to give up because they couldn’t provide what bigger brands provide, so CIC had to find ways to overcome these challenges to be able to survive the competition.

Adriman mentioned that he had always known Telkom Indonesia’s service quality and believed that Telkom Indonesia had the capabilities to help them solve their issues. With this in mind, CIC finally decided to seal a partnership with Telkom DWS.

How has Telkom DWS benefitted CIC?

Until now, Telkom DWS has been supporting CIC through several products, including data center, Metro Ethernet, and IP Transit. Besides superior products with a proven track record, Telkom DWS has also provided other advantages that have helped CIC ensure their growth over the years, including high service delivery level, responsive representatives, 24/7 experienced customer support, and wide coverage, even to remote rural areas. These are the factors that have allowed CIC to expand their product categories, improve their service quality, and grow their business.

What impacts has Telkom DWS’ products and services had on the growth of CIC?

Today, CIC has successfully increased their services by 20% compared to before they partnered with Telkom DWS. CIC has also expanded their coverage to various remote rural areas, including areas that previously couldn’t be reached by other providers. These improvements have allowed CIC to meet the targets set by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kementerian Kominfo) for national ISPs.

Adriman believes that Telkom DWS has been playing a significant role in the growth of CIC over the years. He stated, “Telkom Indonesia charges more compared to competitors, but it’s worth it. With the price we pay, we get the value we deserve.”

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