26 August 2022

The Role of Cloud Gaming in The Future of Gaming Industry

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The Role of Cloud Gaming in The Future of Gaming Industry

GameQoo, in collaboration with Telkom DWS and Tech in Asia, successfully held a webinar titled The Future of Gaming Industry: Major Challenges for the Gaming Industry in 2022. Held last March, the webinar featured three prominent figures in Indonesia’s gaming industry as speakers: Adam Ardisasmita, CEO of Arsanesia and VP of Asosiasi Game Indonesia; Lee Marvin, VP of Gamification of Agate International; and Izzudin Al Azzam, CEO of GameQoo. The speakers highlighted not only the major challenges but also the available opportunities in the local gaming industry.

The Major Challenges in the Local Gaming Industry

The speakers mentioned several major challenges faced by game developers and publishers in Indonesia. However, all those challenges speak about one thing: tough competition. Compared to large global game companies, local companies are limited especially in 4 areas: fund, infrastructure, talents, and marketing efforts. These limitations make local game companies struggle even in the country.

Future-Proofing Your Business by Exploring Opportunities

There are multiple ways to survive the competition, but one of the keys is the ability to see ahead and take advantage of available opportunities. There are currently three opportunities to explore by our local game developers and publishers: opting for competing globally instead of locally, focusing on niche markets, and turning to different gaming alternatives, including exploring new gaming media or trying new business models.

Marvin and Adam highlighted two fast-rising technologies game companies in Indonesia need to watch out for: blockchain and cloud gaming. Blockchain gaming, or also known as play-to-earn gaming, is expected to enable gamers to earn some money in a form of cryptocurrency while playing. Meanwhile, cloud gaming offers game companies a new medium and a new business model they can explore to publish their games. These two technologies might still be growing at the moment, but both have a big potential to be future market leaders.

Cloud Gaming and How It Helps Game Companies

Cloud gaming provides a new way for game companies in Indonesia to gain advantage in the tough industry competition through two main features. The first feature is the easy game access. With cloud gaming, gamers can play on any device they choose—mobile, PC, or TV—from anywhere as long as there is a reliable internet connection. The second feature is the subscription-based business model. The business model ensures affordability and flexibility.

These main features allow cloud gaming to provide game companies with various benefits.

● Cloud gaming provides a medium for game companies to release their games to the public.

● Cloud gaming allows game companies to cater to multiple user types (mobile gamers, PC gamers, and console gamers) through one platform.

● Cloud gaming allows game companies to ensure convenience and flexibility for their users.

● Cloud gaming allows game companies to gain more revenue.

With cloud gaming, game companies can gain more revenue in three ways. Cloud gaming attracts more groups of users which lead to more income. Cloud gaming also helps minimize development cost as game companies don’t need to spend extra to adjust their games for different platforms—one-time development for multiple platforms. Finally, the more affordable and flexible subscription-based model it offers allows users to be more confident in using the services, leading to more revenue.

GameQoo and Its Role in Supporting Local Game Companies

As the one and only cloud gaming platform in Indonesia, GameQoo close the gap between the game companies in Indonesia and the market by offering them a new medium to publish their games. By collaborating with GameQoo, game companies can gain all the benefits of cloud gaming as mentioned before.

However, as a startup company nurtured by Telkom Indonesia, GameQoo offers more than those benefits. GameQoo allows game companies to reach a bigger audience through Telkom Indonesia’s eyeballs (Indihome and Telkomsel). GameQoo is also supported by robust connectivity provided by Telkom Indonesia.

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