30 December 2021

Tips for Staying Productive throughout Ramadan

Tips for Staying Productive throughout Ramadan

Ramadan is almost upon us. It’s a wonderful month where billions of Muslims experience the annual spiritual journey where the best qualities of a human being can emerge: empathy, self-control, patience, discipline, and generosity. It is a month of praying, introspection, and most noticeably, fasting. And it is no secret that working during the Ramadan month can be quite challenging. With earlier breakfast, later dinner, and no lunch in-between, how can we stay productive? Here are several tips to maintain productivity throughout the holy month.

Eat Suhoor Properly

The first tip is an obvious one: Don’t skip suhoor (sahur). Aside from being a blessing, suhoor is the most important meal of the day which gives us nutrition and liquid intake for hours of fasting to come. Considering that our body needs energy for work, eating suhoor is non-negotiable. Also, it is found that eating adequately is better than eating as much as we can. Stuffing too much food might be counterproductive because it can make us feel lethargic.

Avoid Caffeine

This is probably bad news for fellow coffee and tea lovers out there, because many of us love that caffeine jolt which usually gives an energizing kick to boost our productivity and brighten our mood! Unfortunately, caffeine intake can actually flush water and salt faster. This is why caffeine is to be avoided during fasting. Some have also recommended staying away from caffeine days ahead of Ramadan so that our body can get over caffeine withdrawal quicker.

Plan Your Day

Once it’s time to work, planning is essential here. First, we can sort the tasks with the highest priority. That way, we don’t have to waste a lot of energy on completing tasks with minor significance. Second, think of ways to conserve your energy. In some cases, we can probably dial down our multitasking as it can be really exhausting. Also, we need to do our best to take care of health (including mental health!). A healthy mind and body will allow us to work and fast better. 

Minimize Commuting

While the pandemic is still here and many of us are working 100% from home, some of us might still be required to go out for certain meetings. If that is the case, make arrangements to minimize commuting, as commuting can take up a lot of energy. We live in the age of internet, thankfully, so many meetings can actually be virtual. Make use of video conferencing apps to replace all the hassle with commuting so that you can stay energized until the Iftar meal.

Make Time for Rest

Since we need to conserve as much energy as we can, it is also crucial to make time for rest. Take some nap if you can. When done properly, some power nap can be beneficial, especially for most of us who are fasting. In addition, for those who like to work out, don’t push yourself too hard. Working out during Ramadan is a great way to keep ourselves healthy, but as it is with everything else, it should be done in moderation so that we can stay energized.

Take Care of Each Other

Last but not least, pay attention to each other’s need. As people with more capabilities of setting rules, leaders can be more generous to their team during Ramadan. For instance, they can adjust working hours and let team members go home a few hours earlier. Such little act of kindness would be a great help for those who are fasting and keep team members productive. After all, Ramadan is the perfect moment for us all to forgive and care for one another.

Those are the tips we compiled for a more successful fasting while working during Ramadan. We hope that all these tips can benefit you in some ways. We wish you a happy Ramadan and the best of luck for your spiritual journey throughout the month. Ramadan Kareem!

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